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Mariah Carey is back again in the holiday season with her 1994 Christmas song, All I Want For Christmas is You which has been dominating the charts ever since its release. It has become quite an anthem, especially in December. To think that her 90s song would become worldwide popular in the holiday canon is a feat that she continued to excel in.
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While she continues to emerge as a great artist influencing this Christmas with her old melody, her rival Jennifer Lopez is having trouble in her married life with Ben Affleck.
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After rekindling their long-lost romance last year, the couple got engaged earlier this year and decided to make their relationship stronger to avoid any hassle they once faced in early the 2000s.
They got married low-key in a Las Vegas ceremony. To make their marriage special, they decided to hold three-day wedding celebrations in August at Ben Affleck‘s Georgia estate. Though their marriage initially looked like a fairytale, it is reportedly not doing well.
As per reports, Jennifer Lopez is having different opinions from her husband when it comes to the Gone Girl star’s smoking habits. She reportedly hates his smoking habits however the actor is not compromising with the singer over that thing.
She is trying her best to maintain her bond with her husband and reportedly forbids him to see Tom Brady, who recently went through a publicized divorce from his ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen. As her desperate efforts to save her fourth marriage continue to surface, things are going great for Mariah Carey as her song has unlocked a new achievement this Christmas season.
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The 52-year-old singer, Mariah Carey no doubt gained international recognition through her 1994 hit song, All I Want For Christmas is You dubbing her the Queen of Christmas. She has already streamed over 10.9 million times on Spotify as of Friday. It continues to rack more streams as Christmas is around the corner.
Her 1994 song has always been a Christmas treat for people with the song being in the mandatory playlist. It became one of the best-selling Christmas anthems with the New York Times regarding it as “one of the few worthy modern additions to the holiday canon.”
Though Carey still has a way to go to achieve the level Lopez attained with her acting and singing career, no one can deny that the Songbird Supreme still steals the spotlight in the holiday season.
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