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Back in 2022, Walt Disney Records released their first Lofi album, Lofi Minnie: Focus, featuring classic Disney songs reimagined in the Lofi genre.  The songs are covered by some of the biggest Lofi artists in the world — Philanthrope and eevee to name a few.
A newer genre of music that was popularised by the advent of 24-hour YouTube streams, Lofi has roots in hip-hop and jazz with slower tempos and a grainy sound. Known for promoting focus, it’s often listened to for hours at a time while reading, studying or relaxing.
After the success of the first album, Walt Disney Records has followed up with another absolute banger of a Lofi album, Lofi Minnie: Chill. The album features 16 more Disney classics-turned Lofi.
We listened to the album and ranked each track in order of chill factor.
It’s a bop but has a preppy melody that might be distracting for those listening for study or reading.
I found the piano to be a little overwhelming on top of the percussion, but still a banger nonetheless.
The rain sounds in the background are chill and moody. It’s got those sad and edgy Lofi vibes.
The pan flute in this song makes it feel dreamy and chill — a perfect combo.
This song is putting me in a trance-like state. It also sounds like it could be a song from the Spyro the Dragon.
Slow and sleepy, this track is great for relaxing or winding down after a long day.
eevee does an awesome job of transforming one of Disney’s most popular songs into a Lofi hit that you can sing along to.
Live out your dreams of becoming Belle by reading all day while you listen to this song.
This song is so grainy it eats Weet-Bix for breakfast. 10/10 Lofi vibes.
You could put this track on Lofi Girl’s YouTube channel and not even know it was a Disney cover, it’s fantastic.
I’ve never heard a song combine the genres of Lofi and Salsa before and I’m absolutely living for it.
A smooth and funky track that’ll have you feeling as chill as Baloo.
Imagine Cinderella leaving the slipper behind to go and relax to Lofi.
Another dreamy track that sets the perfect tone for an afternoon of focus.
Perfectly capturing the vibes of Mulan and Lofi, this song is perfect for the office radio.
Pinocchio is a film that has huge Lofi vibes already and Jazzinuf really understood the assignment. This is the most chill song on the album and is perfect for studying, reading or relaxing.
With 26 Lofi songs across two albums, Walt Disney Records have plenty of music for you to put on in the background as you go about your day.
Let us know which track is your favourite in the comments.

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