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National Vinyl Record Day is Aug. 12 and there’s no better way to celebrate than to take a trip to the record store and spend hours fishing through some milk crates full of music history.
New Jersey’s music scene is a big deal especially with some of the biggest artists in the world coming out of the Garden State.
It’s no surprise that we have a plethora of remarkable, independent record stores here.
When National Record Store Day rolls around, people line up outside of these stores for hours waiting for them to open so they can shop the exclusive records.
The best part is that you don’t even have to be looking for something specific.
Most record stores now sell not only vinyl but CDs, cassettes (remember those?), and even merch like t-shirts, Funko pop toys, and collectibles.
My go-to record store unfortunately does not exist anymore.
Vintage Vinyl in Fords was the ultimate spot for not only shopping for records, CDs, movies, etc., but the stage at the back of the store hosted so many artists and performances, it was basically considered a small concert venue.
Vinyl records have become so popular (again) over the last few years.
Artists that became famous after the vinyl era are releasing their albums on records.
Trendy retail stores are selling vinyl of your favorite artists.
I literally just bought a Backstreet Boys vinyl from Urban Outfitters the other day.
But nothing beats a true record store for all of that nostalgia.
Here are my top 5 New Jersey record stores to shop in for National Vinyl Record Day.
There is one store I left off this list because they relocated from Philipsburg, NJ to Easton, Pennsylvania, but Spin Me Round record store is worth the drive out of state.
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