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For those who are into vinyl record collecting, it should come as no surprise that vinyls have held the interest of music lovers for so many years. Although we have all gone from vinyl records, to cassette tapes, to CDs and then MP3s, there is something innately vintage in the vinyl that means it has held our interest and its worth for many years. In this article, let’s unpick why vinyls have stood the test of time and what makes them so special and so collectable.
Nothing says vintage cool like some vinyl artwork on the walls. What better way to show your taste in music than a few of your favourite album covers on display? Of course, records are meant to be played but if you have some valuable vinyls, you may prefer to keep them out of reach and preserved under glass to ensure they remain intact and hold their worth.
There is something truly amazing about the old analogue sound of a vinyl spinning on the turntable. Turn off your speakers and you will hear the faint sound of the music being played by the needle slipping along the record’s grooves. Aside from the beauty of the analogue sound, it is remarkable how much more attention you pay when you play your favourite record on vinyl. Whether you’re a fan of indie music or disco, the process of selecting the record, placing it on the turntable and then switching it over when the first side finishes will give you a great appreciation of the music. Plus, as collectable records are usually accompanied by artistic covers (often with posters and lyric books included) you can fully immerse yourself in the music as you listen.
You may be surprised how much those dusty vinyls you have sitting in the attic are worth. Depending on several factors like their age, condition, what record it is, if it is an uncommon variant, and what pressing the record is, they could be worth hundreds of pounds. For example, Life Of Vinyl reported that variants of Black Sabbath’s self-titled album can sell for up to £150, and they even once sold a first pressing of Led Zeppelin’s self-titled LP for £1500. Needless to say, if you are lucky to have some rare variants in your collection, you could be sitting on a small fortune.
If you come from a family of music lovers, vinyl collections are a great way to connect with the younger generation. In recent years, vinyl collecting has been experiencing a major resurgence and now many of the younger music aficionados would be impressed to leaf through your collection and come across some classics and less-known bands to check out. Plus, as some of these vinyls can be worth hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, handing them down to your kids and grandkids could also help them get out of any sticky situations down the line.
Anyone who is seriously into music will have a pretty specific taste. With songs, genres and bands that will always bring them to mind when heard by their friends and family. So, what better way to show your musical taste than by building a collection of your most meaningful records? You might want to check out which new artists have vinyls available or discover which vinyl albums you can collect from some of the best artists in the industry. The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Elton John are just some of the best selling music artists of all time, according to Business Insider. Enjoy crate digging and searching for your prized albums, or buying new or used vinyl records, and try to develop a vinyl collection of the music that is most important to you in your life.
So, there we have it! These are just a few reasons why collecting vinyl is such a fun and important hobby and what you can stand to gain from establishing your own record collection. With a little luck, you will soon be experiencing all the benefits listed above. Just remember to keep your records in good condition and free from scratches as nothing puts a downer on a listening session more than skipping on your favourite song’s chorus.
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