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SZA Recorded Over 100 Songs for Her New Album SOS

SZA released SOS last month, her first album since 2017. On a recent live stream, the artist reveals that she recorded 100+ songs for the album.
In 2017 SZA released her Ctrl album, and everyone loves it to this day. It is often granted the title of being a “no skip” album.
I still play Ctrl like is 2017, no skip album for meeeeeeeee 💗💗💗
Since then, we’ve gone five years without new music from the artist until now. After her live stream, it makes sense why the world waited so long for new music. Writing 100 songs in and of itself is an unimaginably lengthy process, and on top of that, SZA recorded them all.
.@sza wrote over 100 songs for #SOS 💅 🎼 #sza
Today, SOS remains number one on the Billboard 200 chart since its debut on December 9, 2022. All 23 songs on the album are definitely “no skips,” and SZA has gone above and beyond once again. It’s clear that the artist spent her time perfecting SOS before unveiling it to the world. Over the past five years, she has compiled an amazing set of music to add to her already impressive discography.
A post shared by SZA (@sza)
In recent years, the world has become more impatient with music. Social media, specifically TikTok, exposes us to 15-second-long audios that viewers get hooked on. It’s harder to enjoy an entire song because trendsetters have skillfully picked out the catchiest few seconds. Edits such as sped-up audios have made original recordings seem painfully slow to get through. Along with all of this, music is becoming less complex as more celebrities with no music background get picked up by record labels to become stars.
More often than not, we see these new singers rise and fall with one song, and the process happens quickly. This change in the music industry is due to a recent phenomenon of trends rapidly coming and going. There is a newfound pressure for artists to release music at a quick pace, and with that, we sometimes see a drop in quality.
Talent aside, SZA’s dedication to taking her time with the music she releases is refreshing to see. Rather than giving us a few new songs every few months, or even every year, the artist takes her time during the creative process and, in turn, provides more content when she does release new music.
While we would love to hear 100+ SZA songs, she filtered down the selection to include the pieces that brought her vision for SOS to life. As proven by the overwhelmingly positive response to the album, SZA made the right choices. We are excited to see what the artist has in store for the future, whether it’s a new album or a tour announcement.
Listen to SOS below.
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