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2022 has been an excellent year for the music industry, and 2023 should be even better. As we wind up the year, several artists have confirmed new music in 2023, including fast-rising singer-songwriter TOMER. Tomer Orenstein, popularly known by his stage name, TOMER, has announced the release of his first album, FORETOLD, which is slated to drop on January 3rd. 
Since his debut in early 2019, TOMER has released several singles. In addition, he has written and co-produced “Heartbreaker,” “Superman,” “Vertigo,” and “Tears,” which placed him on the international map. “Vertigo” and “Tears” have amassed 1M views. The two tracks were chosen for Universal Music Group’s “Spinnup” playlist, with many praising TOMER’s unique sound and great lyricism. TOMER’s sound is fresh, with sonics influenced by pop and rock genres. TOMER has combined these two to create timeless, vibrant, and soothing music that inspires and motivates the audience, something he has borrowed for his new album. 
Like his other projects, FORETOLD tells the story of TOMER’s personal life and is meant to encourage listeners as it spreads love and positivity. According to TOMER, his goal with FORETOLD is to let people know it is okay to want something different. FORETOLD also shares bits of TOMER’s musical journey and love for music. TOMER has loved music from a young age. He started learning music when he was 7. TOMER learned how to play keyboards at the age of 7 and guitar at the age of 13. By 15, TOMER had started producing music for other artists. But deciding to pursue music professionally took a lot of work.
TOMER’s parents were leaders in the corporate world. His father is a pilot, his mother is a former accountant, and TOMER pursuing music “didn’t fit in.” In addition, TOMER was under constant pressure from society and those around him who felt he should invest his time in something better. But he still wanted to make music. TOMER took a risk, and after graduating with a bachelor’s in computer science, he turned to music. TOMER has produced music for several artists. He is also the co-producer behind all his songs.
By sharing his story, TOMER hopes to show people that it is okay to be different. “You don’t have to do something to fit in,” says TOMER. TOMER believed in himself and his craft and invested in it, and he has now cemented his spot in the global music scene. TOMER has listeners in his home country and beyond. TOMER recently did shows in Europe, which sold out. 
TOMER has had four concerts between 2021 and 2022 in Tel Aviv, Kyiv, and Los Angeles, which were well received. His music has also garnered over 2.3 million views on YouTube As he continues to grow, TOMER is working on more music. His album will be available on all streaming platforms starting January 3rd. You can also pre-save it. TOMER is also working on his skills and brand. He says his dream is to win a Grammy Award, inspire millions with his music, and perform with his band worldwide.

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