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January 22nd, 2023 – 4:50 PM
Philadelphia band, R.A.M.B.O. just released a new album since their last release in 2006. The album that dropped this past November, has now been graced with long-awaited content from the hardcore punk band.

The comeback record from their musical reign of 1999-2007 represents the band’s present image on their musical path. Rather than a focus on their past successes in music, there are a total of sixteen new tracks. The album maintains their hardcore punk genre of music with themes of ‘science & authoritarianism’ that quite literally Defy Extinction.
To contribute to their latest album release, R.A.M.B.O. has just released a cover art video that captures the band’s time together. Snippets from their tour dates in the 2000s from a mini interview, each of these unique moments have been incorporated into the video’s final product.

Drummer Jared Shavelson, guitarist Andy Wheeler, bassist Bull Gervasi and Philly scene promoter Tony Croasdale on the vocals, all have come together in a neatly curated punk album. The record is now available on LP, CD and cassette for order on the band’s website. Out of all sixteen tracks, the band has also released two music videos, “The End Is Nye” and “Defy Extinction.”
Defy Extinction Tracklist

  1. River Of Birds
  2. Who Let The Sheepdogs Out?
  3. Authorities > Authority
  4. The End Is Nye
  5. Imperialist Pigs In Space
  6. Cattle Tyrant
  7. Q: And Children A: Real Children
  8. Love and Science 1
  9. Judas Goat
  10. Defy Extinction
  11. Outlive The Bastards
  12. Ch@d
  13. Blizzard Brigade
  14. Love And Science 2
  15. New World Vultures
  16. Biomass
  17. YouTube Disasters

Defy Extinction is now streaming on all platforms.


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