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January 11th, 2023 – 8:48 PM
Punk band Scream has revealed that they are close to finishing their upcoming album DC Special. In a Facebook post, the band shared a picture of them in Inner Ear Studios working with sound engineer Don Zientara. Zientara’s wife and co-owner Juanita took the photo with the caption “Grateful for 40+ years making records together and now another one in the can! …Don, Ian and Pete with the finishing touches sequencing DC Special.”

The record is set to be released sometime in the spring or summer this year via Dischord Records. In an interview with Idioteq, the band’s guitarist Franz Stahl mentions that there are some features on the album. “…We do have our old bandmate, and dear friend Dave Grohl making an appearance, as well as, Joe Lally from Fugazi and Brian Baker of Bad Religion to name a few. The rest shall be divulged in time..”
DC Special will be the band’s first album in 30 years, following their 1993 album Fumble.  “I digress that’s the thing I’m like a dinosaur I’m really overwhelmed by you know the way things are done now thank God we have people who are not overwhelmed such as like Pete and Franz those guys are very knowledgeable,” says drummer Skeeter Tompson. “Me I just want to play bass and fight song I want to think about that part of as I save the business I’ll leave that to the to the intellect intellects I’m always like being in the pit get my hands dirty.”
They later hinted that a tour will follow the album’s release.


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