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PUBG Mobile is a very successful mobile title in the same vein as its console/PC based source, PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds, and has seen downloads in the tens of millions since launch back in 2018. The mobile title is now compounding that success by adding a brand-new feature to the game in the form of a massive record label deal called Beat Drop. The teaser trailer can be seen below.
PUBG Mobile is the latest live service title akin to Fortnite and Roblox to dive into the music scene. PUBG has hosted previous shows that have seen immense popularity, like the most recent K-pop based Blackpink concert in July, which attracted the attention of over 15 million watchers over two weekends. Fortnite has also seen popularity with implementing music and their artists in-game, with the likes of Ariana Grande touring the Battle Bus (not to mention her appearance in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius), and Lil Nas X launching a full concert on Roblox.
PUBG Mobile seeks to continue that trend with its own Beat Drop record label, but it’s worth noting the previous music and gaming collaborations have all been two huge audiences co-mingling on the game platform. PUBG aims to have their own music synonymous with the gaming aspect. So far, one remixed title from Mariana BO has been launched on Tuesday, and it can be experienced below.
The genre PUBG is aiming for seems to be a breed of classical and electronic music to elevate their game to a new level. ‘PUBG Mobile Official’ is a new artist on music streaming platforms now, and features some of the title’s music numbers, and it seems this is where the record label will continue to drop music in the future. Fans should keep their ears to the artist page for more releases, or the YouTube account for further releases moving forward.
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