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The digital version of the soundtrack is available now.
Microsoft officially announced today that Pentiment's soundtrack is now available officially on streaming services such as Spotify and iTunes. Also, you can purchase it digitally via Steam if you are playing the game on PC. But the interesting part is the fact that it will get a physical vinyl album in 2023 as well.
According to Obsidian Entertainment, the vinyl album will feature a painting by Benjamin Vierling as its cover, as well as a painting by Hannah Kennedy, the art director behind the game on the back. You can also expect a gatefold with liner notes.
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This is actually pretty exciting to listen to music representing 16th-century Europe using a phonograph. Of course, most people might actually get it as decoration. Unfortunately, there is no exact release date for the vinyl album yet. We just know it will arrive in 2023, but you can expect it to go on sale in a limited quantity, which means you need to be real quick to pre-purchase one before you will be forced to get it from scalpers at a higher price.
Pentiment originally launched last month with a price tag of $19.99, but you can now grab it for $14.99 on Steam for a limited time while the Winter Sale is available. Also, you can grab the digital soundtrack for $7.31 right now, but the price will raise to $9.75 once the Winter Sale is over on January 5. There is no information about the price of the vinyl album at the moment.
Despite receiving mostly positive reviews from fans and reviewers, Pentiment didn't receive any nominations at this year's The Game Awards, which made it look like an underrated title in 2022, which honestly requires much more attention from gamers and the media.
If you are an Xbox or PC Game Pass subscriber, you can play it for free. While there is no information on whether there would be any sequel or new entry for Pentiment, we do know that Obsidian is currently busy working on Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 as its next big titles.
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