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Fresh off a record deal, Pecos & the Rooftops are already teasing new music.
The Texas-based band inked a deal with Warner Records last week, and they’re teasing a new tune today called “5AM.”
It’s definitely in line with that Texas rock sound we all know and love from them, as frontman Pecos Hurley sings about how being up in the early morning hours usually doesn’t mean good things for him:
“Wish I could say that I saw it coming
Problem is, I never do
It’s too late to let myself feel something
So I’ll just keep running from you
It’s 5AM, where is my head
I think I left it at the bar again
I don’t know when I’ll stumble to bed
We’ll probably wake up in an argument
Can’t save myself from 5AM”
They shared another teaser of a different unreleased song recently, so it seems likely that we’ll be hearing more on the new music front sooner rather than later…
“Album leak for the one time.”
Check it out:
Album leak for the one time
— Pecos & the Rooftops (@pecos_rooftops) January 24, 2023
The band had initially wanted to put their debut album Cabin Fever out last year, but with a packed tour schedule, wanting to be able to really focus on making it perfect, and working on getting their record deal done, that time frame has been pushed back some.
They’ve been one of the biggest names in the Texas rock scene for the past two years or so now, and really exploded with the release of their smash hit “This Damn Song,” as well as their kickass debut EP, Red Eye.
With a unique blend of genres like rock, blues, jazz and country, they’re certainly a unique fixture in the current Texas music world, and they’re poised for a breakout and certainly a group to keep your eye on going forward.
The Texas boys dropped a few songs in 2022, as well, including “Time for Wine,” and “Hurt No More,” in addition to releasing the lead single, “Last Night’s Lashes,” in December of 2021.
Needless to say, they’re kicking it up to a whole other level now, and if you’re already a fan of Pecos and the Rooftops, or even if you aren’t (yet), this is definitely a project and group to have on your radar this year.
“Last Night’s Lashes”


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