Owner Of 4.O.E Records, Phatte400 Shows Off The Music Scene In Arkansas – 24Hip-Hop

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas we have Phatte400 who represents his record label 4.O.E Records also known as For Our Elevation Records. Not many hear of Arkansas as a place where hiphop music is booming, but Phatte400 is different. By being very talented and diverse, he offers a unique sound and flow. He believes not many stories are told from Arkansas in the industry, and it’s his job to get their music scene heard.
From recording at Sugarhill Studios, and many other very successful & popular studios, Phatte400 has gotten his name to become a local sensation. He’s gotten the recognition in his state and was able to network with many big artists from around the world. During his music career, he even won a rap contest by Rap A Lot Records, and got his name on the radar. As of 2022, Phatte400 started his own record label, which was a huge accomplishment in his life.
Being from Arkansas gave him some challenges, it wasn’t as easy to get out there and get heard. He felt as if the world didn’t even know rapper’s existed where he was from, and he felt excluded from everyone else. That wasn’t the case though, as he became known to others, and he’s achieved a lot as an independent artist and record label owner. He’s striving to be an extremely successful artist & CEO, having one of the hottest record labels in the world. Even if it sounds hard to others, Phatte400 has his heart and mind set on reaching all of his goals. Phatte400 has many upcoming releases, such as an album with his brother dropping this February. Follow his socials below to stay up to date with his music.



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