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Lower Avenue C seeing a number of interesting openings coming. Good stuff
I'm all for pizza, but I'm wary of the plan on 6th St only because the owner has a history. I live in a building that shares the back courtyard. Are there any neighbors out there who can say whether or not Beetlejuice has been a good neigbor?
Agreed on the lower Ave C, that area has been pretty dead for a few years, it's great to see developments.
Heavens Cookies even being considered for a liquor license is hard to comprehend in an area so over-saturated with bars. It is less than 400 feet from a school. That space never had a liquor license before. All points that are supposed to preclude a liquor license and yet here we are, another bar for the kids in the in a neighborhood where the quality of life has plummeted due to all the bars, particularly in the warmer weather. The next block north is like Disneyland for drinkers on the weekends.
Here come the prohibition comments…
Legit restaurants that serve booze ok but man there's too many of these jokers who say they're gonna be one thing and then at the end of the day just turn into loud intrusive bar/discos that real negative impact on the quality of life for hundreds ( if not thousands) of us, enough CB3 get tough please start protecting us from the predatory bar owners please please Pretty Please
The pizzeria would not be in the former Kindred space, which is 342 E6th, but the former Taj space, which is next door to the original Beetle House space.
Thanks, 8:04. I fixed that mistake.
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