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COLUMBIA, Miss. (WDAM) – Two Marion County men have opened a new business in downtown Columbia that could make some dreams come true for aspiring musicians.
Moses Anderson, 30, and Jeremy Bourgeois, 31, have started a recording studio called “Goin Crazy.”
It’s equipped to record music of any type and Anderson and Bourgeois say they can also do remote recording at any location.
The folks with Main Street Columbia Inc. say the studio is the first-ever for downtown Columbia.
“This is something I’ve always loved to do and I figured, ‘Hey, why not make money off of doing something I love to do, why wake up and go to a job when this can just be passionate and we get paid for our passion,’” said Anderson.
“We’ve recorded with a few people,” said Bourgeois. “They’re really loving the setup and everything. They love the quality of all of it.”
Anderson and Bourgeois came up with the plan to open their studio after working together at last fall’s Food and Music Festival in Columbia.
For more informaiton about the studio, check out its Facebook page.
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