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Using AI To Write Songs
Music industry veteran LOREN ISRAEL, a well-known music industry vet who has served as a record producer, A&R executive and songwriting teacher, has released a new book, "Want To Write The Best Lyrics Of Your Life? OpenAI Is The Secret Weapon You Need." ISRAEL has worked with bands like JIMMY EAT WORLD, PLAIN WHITE T'S, NEON TREES and UNLIKELY CANDIDATES, among others.
For more than 15 years, ISRAEL worked in the A&R department of CAPITOL RECORDS, where his credits include COLDPLAY, LESS THAN JAKE and JIMMY EAT WORLD, whose multi-platinum DREAMWORKD album, "Bleed American," he helped spearhead.
His new book, which touts the use of Artificial Intelligence is a straightforward, no-nonsense guide to using the most advanced tools to create hit lyrics that resonate with listeners.
Commented ISRAEL, "I put together this guide on how to properly use AI tools to create excellent lyrics for any genre of music. Whether you are getting this to deepen your knowledge, or just to get started writing, this book is for you!
"My objective with this book is to show that this inevitable transition towards songwriting with AI is not something that we should be scared about. In fact, I wrote this to show songwriters, producers, and any other interested party, how this technology is only here to empower our creativity, and help us achieve better results."
To purchase the book go here. 
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