Mudhoney Announces New Album “Plastic Eternity” For April 2023 Release; Shares Music Video For “Almost Everything” –

January 24th, 2023 – 6:13 PM
According to today rock band Mudhoney have announced their upcoming  album Plastic Eternity will be released on April 7. Also the band has shared the animated music video for “Almost Everything” which is directed by Arturo Baston.

The music video is fun to watch because the trippy animation can give the audience an visual idea of what music means to Mudhoney and in someways the animation shows how the band isn’t afraid to express themselves in a different way.
As for the music, the sounds from the instrumentation is enjoyable by how the bongos bring a catchy musical rhythm while the vocals, guitar and drum playing fills the air with bittersweet noise.
Although the music came together in bits and pieces during the first year-plus of the COVID-19 pandemic, the album was eventually recorded in  nine days at Seattle’s Crackle & Pop! Studio, right before bassist Guy Maddison moved with his family to Australia.
Plastic Eternity is Mudhoney’s first album since 2018’s Digital Garbage and it loosely marks both the band and Sub Pop’s 35th anniversary. Mudhoney will support the album with a spring Australian tour beginning April 14 in Coolangatta.
Plastic Eternity Tracklist

  1. Souvenir of My Trip
  2. Almost Everything
  3. Cascades of Crap
  4. Flush the Fascists
  5. Move Under
  6. Severed Dreams in the Sleeper Cell
  7. Here Comes the Flood
  8. Human Stock Capital
  9. Tom Herman’s Hermits
  10. One or Two
  11. Cry Me an Atmospheric River
  12. Plasticity
  13. Little Dogs



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