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Last year, Hattiesburg, Mississippi synthpunk/art punk band MSPAINT put out the great new single "Acid" and also collaborated with Militarie Gun on a song off their album All Roads Lead to the Gun (Deluxe) and they put on a great live set when we caught them on tour with Militarie Gun too. Now, MSPAINT have announced their debut full-length album, Post-American, due March 10 via Convulse Records (pre-order). The album features "Acid," and like that song, the whole thing was co-produced by Militarie Gun leader Ian Shelton and the reliably great heavy music producer Taylor Young. It also features "Hardwired" and "Post-American" from the band's self-titled 2020 EP, and Soul Glo's Pierce Jordan appears on the album too.
Along with the announcement comes second single "Delete It," which features guest vocals by Ian Shelton. It's another very promising taste, blending distorted '80s synths with modern hardcore energy in a way that's catchy and aggressive all at once. They really don't fit in neatly anywhere, and I think if you're into anything from Suicide to Big Black to Liars to their friends in Militarie Gun, you should check this out. And if you're wondering who the band would say their influences are, vocalist Deedee tells Stereogum, "We frankly have no fucking clue what our influences are," adding, "Don’t interpret this as me giving us mad credit, but we didn’t discuss a single thing, except that we’d all been in different bands together and apart for over a decade, were sick of playing rock music, and decided there’d be no guitars." Listen below.
"When I first heard ‘Hardwired’ it felt like I was let in on a secret, like an undiscovered hit," Ian Shelton says of the band. "I immediately wanted to do everything I could to try and spread the word about them." He adds, "They’re a band of tinkerers, they will sit and re-work a song until you don’t recognize it anymore–I tried to get them to not look past their initial intuitions and just allow some things to be direct."
1. Information
2. Think It Through
3. Acid
4. Hardwired
5. Delete It (ft. Ian Shelton)
6. S3
7. Decapitated Reality (ft. Pierce Jordan)
8. Post-American
9. Free From The Sun
10. Titan of Hope
11. Flowers From Concrete
MSPAINT — 2023 Tour Dates
01/28 Birmingham, AL @ Saturn w/ Innerpeace, Snakechurch, Joyboy, Gutter
02/25 Chicago, IL @ Frozen Music Dancing Fest w/ Special Interest, Meat Wave, Snooper

Ian Shelton also recently spoke about MSPAINT on an episode of the BV podcast:


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