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Laura Marano first became famous as a star in a popular musical show on Disney. When that show ended, she was ready to move on and explore a career as both an actor and a singer. But the first record label Marano signed with didn’t work out, and her music career could have ended there. Instead, she made a bold decision to strike out on her own.
I literally cannot believe Austin and Ally premiered 11 years ago!!! I am forever grateful for this show, these people and all of you who watched it ??❤️
Marano was a child star, but she doesn’t seem to have fallen prey to the negative effects of early fame. Yahoo reports that she started acting when she was five. She got her first TV role as a recurring character on the show Without a Trace when she was only eight years old. 
Her carer accelerated from there, and in 2011, just after she turned 16, she landed a starring role in the Disney series Austin & Ally. The show was a hit, and it stayed on the air until 2016. Morano played Ally, an introverted singer/songwriter teen who joins forces with rising star Austin (played by Ross Lynch). 
The storyline required a lot of singing by the young stars, and they even released an album of music from the show. But although Marano loved singing and appreciated the opportunity to perform, it also complicated her future in the field.
“I was so lucky that Austin & Ally was a music show, because it opened so many doors for me musically,” she told the publication. “But there are so many misconceptions or just perceptions of who I am on the music side, and it’s been tough to prove to people that I’m more than just what they’ve already seen.” 
After Austin & Ally ended, Marano pursued a career in music. She signed with the record label Big Machine Records, and released a single, “Boombox.” At the same time, she continued to pursue acting. Over time, the relationship with the label fell through, although she holds no animosity toward them. 
Marano probably could have found another label to work with, but instead, she decided to try a different approach. She started her own record label, called Flip Phone Records. The name refers to the fact that she refused for years to trade in her flip phone for a smartphone.
“I made one of the scariest decisions of my life and decided to go independent,” Marano explained. 
How did that work out for her?
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According to J-14, Marano would be “100 percent” willing to do a reboot of Austin & Ally, but in most ways, she’s continued to move away from her Disney beginnings. She’s acted in several projects, including the movies Lady Bird, The Perfect Date, Saving Zoe, and The Royal Treatment.
She’s also been busy with music. Marano’s decision to go in her own direction with her music label seems to have paid off, and she’s released three EPs: Me, You, Us. Last year, she performed on her first solo tour, The Us Tour.
Marano started out as a child star, and she could easily have burned out early. But as she grew up, she developed as both an actor and a musician. When she reached a crossroads in her career as a singer, she made a bold decision to blaze her own trail. It was a risk, but it appears to have taken her exactly where she wanted to go.


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