King Khan Announces New Jazz Album ‘The Nature Of Things’ For March 2023 Release –

January 15th, 2023 – 4:03 AM
King Kahn announced the release of a new jazz album, “The Nature Of Things” for March 2023. This will be the first release from the artist in 2023. This jazz album is a follow-up to an album of a similar sound, “The Infinite Ones”.  While jazz may be a fairly new area for King Kahn since his first debut album within the genre, the sound fits the artist well. One can only wonder where the artist will go from here.

While the album has yet to be released, a teaser song has been released from the album. Included in the track list is the politically motivated jazz song ‘Snarlin’ Lil Malcolm’, of which the music video contains pictures of Malcolm X and pictures of the civil rights movement. The artist considered Malcolm X to be one of his greatest heroes, and rightfully so. If the rest of the album can be expected to be similar to that of “Snarlin’ Lil Malcolm”, it should be smooth and interesting. You can listen to the song below.

Track List For “The Nature Of Things”
1. Hanuman All I Need Is Her
2. Suzuki Strut
3. The Nature Of Things
4. Brontez Booty Beat
5. Twin Towers
6. Snarlin’ Lil Malcolm
7. Sliver Of Silver
8. Sparkle Of Truth
9. The Paradox Of Love
Listen to the song ‘Snarlin’ Lil Malcolm’ and judge for yourself here:


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