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How many times have you been told to go see an artist in smaller venues when you still have a chance? Well that warning is going out right here, right now for Jesse Daniel who has become a country music success story both personally and professionally. It’s through country music that Jesse Daniel has gone from a self-described junkie in Santa Cruz, to now one of the most squared away of independent country music’s fastest rising acts.

Fans walk away from Jesse Daniel live shows raving about the stuff he and the boys (and girl) throw down, including his steel guitar player Caleb Melo, and partner Jodi Lyford. If you haven’t had an opportunity to experience it yourself, Daniel has just dropped a whole slew of new tour dates around Texas and the West Coast among other locales (see below).

And if you still can’t line a live date up with your schedule, you’re in luck. On March 24th, Jesse Daniel will be releasing his first live album called My Kind of Country: Live at the Catalyst. Recorded in front of a sold out crowd at Santa Cruz, CA’s biggest live music venue, it’s the same place Neil Young & Crazy Horse recorded Touch The Night – Santa Cruz 1984.
For Jesse Daniel, it was a full circle moment, since he used to work as a stage hand and security at the venue, hoping some day he could take the main stage. His career started off playing the upstairs bar of the venue as he battled addiction to get on the right track.

“The Catalyst was kind of as big as it gets in my world,” explains Daniel. “I grew up there, going to shows, playing shows on their smaller stages. To headline the main stage, let alone sell it out and make a record there, is a huge accomplishment for me and I’m forever grateful to my Santa Cruz County friends, fans and family for supporting what we do.”

The reason the album is called “My Kind of Country” is because that has become the rallying cry around Jesse Daniel’s authentic and traditional style of country music that so many crave, and that’s so rarely served up by the mainstream. But as we’ve seen in recent years, the underground is beginning to become the mainstream as folks like Jesse Daniel find rabid appeal.

My Kind of Country: Live at the Catalyst is now available for pre-order.
1/26 – Mile 0 Fest – Key West, FL
1/27 – Mile 0 Fest – Key West, FL
2/23 – Dosey Doe – The Woodlands (duo)
2/24 – The Dirty South – Angleton, TX
3/3 – Dan’s Silverleaf – Denton, TX
3/5 – The Post at River East – Fort Worth, TX (duo)
3/11 – Riley’s Tavern – New Braunfels, TX
3/15 – Knuckleheads – Kansas City, MO
3/16 – Buck’s – Venice, NE
3/17 – Joe’s Honky Tonk – Kearney, NE
3/18 – xBK – Des Moines, IA
3/19 – The Auditorium – Whittenberg, WI (w/ MoeBandy)
3/24 – Sagebrush – Austin, TX
4/1 – Redbird – New Braunfels, TX
4/5 – Dirty Drummer – Phoenix, AZ
4/6 – Desert 5 Spot – Los Angeles, CA
4/7 – The Casbah – San Diego, CA
4/8 – The Wayfarer – Costa Mesa, CA
4/9 – The Siren – Morro Bay, CA
4/11 – The Pyrenees – Bakersfield, CA
4/12 – The Grove House – Mariposa, CA
4/13 – Dying Breed Brewing – Oakdale, CA
4/14 – The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
4/15 – Goldfield’s – Sacramento, CA
4/16 – Cypress – Reno, NV
4/19 – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR
4/20 – Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA
4/21 – Neurolux- Boise, ID
4/22 – Hi Dive – Denver, CO
4/29 – Kenney Store – Kenney, TX
5/6 – The White Horse – Austin, TX

January 24, 2023 @ 1:01 pm
Just listened to a few of Jesse’s tunes on Youtube. Wow, this is terrific country music. I mean this is road trip worthy stuff. Thanks for the heads up, Trigger.
January 24, 2023 @ 2:11 pm
This first half of 2023 is crazy with the amount of shows I want to attend. I have Jesse’s self-titled album on vinyl and am only 10 minutes away from one of those venues, but already have tickets to a show a week before and another one 3 days after this one. I am seeing this one’s Saturday night though, so may shimmy this in to the schedule. At this point, I can’t fit another weeknight show into my schedule until June. STOP announcing good shows so I can save some money please.
January 24, 2023 @ 3:20 pm
I saw him last year in a small venue, and it was an amazing show. I was completely blown away, his recorded music does not do justice to his live show. He is also a genuinely personable and friendly guy. Summer Dean opened for him and the three of us stood around talking after the show until the venue staff shooed us out so they could mop. I just took a look at my journal from that night, and I wrote: ” it is a crime that Jesse Daniel is not a superstar”
January 24, 2023 @ 3:42 pm
Oh hell yeah!!!!!
Jerry Clower’s Ghost
January 24, 2023 @ 5:10 pm
Jesse is an incredibly well-rounded artist, and I would say he’s one of more underrated songwriters in the game. He can write bangers like “Soft Spot For The Hard Stuff”, incredibly emotional songs like “Gray”, and great love songs like “You Asked Me To”. Jodi also does a great job guesting on that last track.
Di Harris
January 24, 2023 @ 5:44 pm
Trig, may i drop this in here, somewhere?
This pertains to Conrad Fisher.
So happy for him.
What a cool surprise! My song “Living Left to Do” recorded by Joe Mullins and the @radioramblers is in the top ten this week on the main bluegrass charts. The song was released more than a year and a half ago and is still kicking up dust right behind @billystrings
Thanks to all you DJs out there still spinning it!
#conradfisher #songwriter #livinglefttodo
*Really like Jesse Daniel’s voice.
You could play him anytime, morning, noon or night, blowing down the road. With a big smile on your face.
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