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JAY B has a special album on the way. 
On 11 January, the ‘go UP’ singer-songwriter announced a special album, titled Seasonal Hiatus to kick off the new year. Pre-orders for the album will be happening from 11 January to 24 January 2023
JAY B Special CD [Seasonal Hiatus] 예약판매 안내
JAY B Special CD [Seasonal Hiatus] Pre-order Information

Pre-order Open : 2023.01.11 PM 3 (KST)#JAYB #제이비 #카덴차 #CDNZA#SpecialCD #SeasonalHiatus#HINT pic.twitter.com/7k16yEXkC4

Seasonal Hiatus will follow the release of last year’s Be Yourself—which was included in Bandwagon’s Top Albums/EPs of 2022—and 2021’s SOMO: FUME. JAY B recently embarked on his Tape: Press Pause which saw stops across Asia, Latin America, and Europe. As his alternate indie project Def., the singer also released his EPs, Love. and abandoned love.
In 2022, GOT7 also reunited for their special comeback self-titled EP. The record served as the group’s first major project since departing JYP Entertainment in 2021.
Listen to JAY B’s ‘go UP’ here. 

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