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Dec. 19—A new class at Harvey High School is teaching students how to record music and podcasts in the school's recording studio, which includes what band director Amir Jones called "industry standard equipment."
The studio was constructed with support from the Educational Service Center of the Western Reserve and co-founder of Ohana Solutions Allen Burgtorf, noted a news release distributed by ESCWR Chief Academic Officer Vanessa Karwan. Work on the studio took place this summer with the Harvey's Music Production Academy class being made available in the fall.
"We're opening it up for kids to come in after school and record in here, but the kids that are in my class are running all the controls, they're actually running the studio itself," Jones explained.
The recording studio offers cables and various instruments including guitars, a ukulele, a piano and a drum set, he added. In the next room, students in his class operate the studio equipment.
"We just take whatever audio they record, put it in here, fix it up, tune it up to whatever they need to make it sound better and make it sound nice, and then we just send it off to wherever they want it to be sent out," said student Reed Abercrombie.
Students at the editing station gain experience using music editing software, Jones said. The station also includes a control surface that students will be able to use with Avid's Pro Tools software and eventually earn a Pro Tools credential.
He added that the station also includes a turntable for live events, "two really good studio monitors," microphones that students can use to speak to people in the recording space and "two pretty nice audio interfaces." The class can see what the student is doing on the computer using the space's 75-inch Promethean display.
"That's what we've been focusing on so far, how to mic what, how to set up, how to make a session, how to record it, do multiple takes, so they've gotten the nuts and bolts pretty good," Jones said, adding, "Next semester, I really want to get running on getting some recordings out to people."
Additionally, Jones noted that the studio includes a room for students to record podcasts. The room has a couch, guitars, headphones, stands and the RODECaster Pro, which he described as "an all-in-one solution" used by podcasters on YouTube and other services.
"They've given us pretty much everything we need for a bunch of different scenarios," he said.
Student Jessica Valencia said that she enjoys mixing podcasts, adding, "It's just fun working with other people and being able to make something by yourself."
Classmate Judit Murillo added, "I like really communicating with others and just hearing what goes on with their life and stuff like that."
Jones noted that "each room is acoustically treated."
According to Painesville City Schools Director of State and Federal Programs and Technology Heidi Fyffe, district officials plan to add more classes that use the studio and "eventually want to open this up to the community."
The funds for the new studio came from a matching grant, she explained, with the school district contributing $21,000. The district learned of the grant from the ESCWR.
"ESCWR is very fortunate to have national partners like The Ohana Institute so we can design creative instructional programming and build equity and access for students with hands-on learning experiences," Karwan said in an email to The News-Herald.
"Painesville City Local Schools have excelled in offering a wide variety of arts programming due to the commitment of administrators and teachers like Mr. Amir Jones," she added. "It's teachers on the ground like Mr. Jones who we are incredibly grateful for, who make the commitment to learn themselves, do the work, and support students day in and day out."
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