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Students at Hill-Freedman World Academy in Philadelphia came together to release a 35-song album called ‘Growing Up Black.’ The album focuses on the student’s perspectives on life, relationships and family struggles.
Dozens of students at a Philadelphia school collaborated on an album that's part of a burgeoning music program that's helping students find their voice and boost their confidence. 
The album, titled ‘Growing Up Black,’ has 34 songs created in part by about 100 students at Hill-Freedman World Academy in Philadelphia's East Mount Airy neighborhood. 
Ezekiel Thurman created Hill-Freedman World Academy Records, a groundbreaking program where 9th and 10th graders release an album every year. 
In a school district that's struggling financially, it's not easy to create a program that produces such high quality music. The effort was helped along by several sponsors and donors. 
"Ourt students are so amazing they make this job the absolute most wonderful job I could ever imagine, I'm so proud, I'm going to start crying," Thurman told FOX 29.
Students say the program helps them grow not only as musicians, but it boosts their self-esteem and builds confidence. 
"This really helped me with my confidence and I really like that about Mr. Thurman he was just so accepting," Naika Saint-Pierre said. 
The students hope ‘Growing Up Black' – the sixth album of its kind – inspires people in cities like Philadelphia and beyond. 
"I hope that other kids around the world, you know, if you have a music program and you love to sing, use your gift because you don’t know how far I will take you," Saint-Pierre said.
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