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You can’t say that Golden Bomber doesn’t know how to throw a Christmas party! On December 25, the band held a Christmas event that was streamed on YouTube Live for their fans. In addition to music, merriment, and shenanigans, the band announced that they release a new album titled COMPACT DISC in February and embark on a nationwide Japan tour Furikaereba ketsu ga iru starting in March.  Following the announcement, the band released not just one, but two new music videos featuring songs from the upcoming album—Yeah! Meccha Stress and Ningen da.
In terms of style and atmosphere, the two songs are complete opposites. However, both explore the idea of what it means to be human.
Yeah! Meccha Stress features the band members dressed as women and complaining about the stress of daily life, before transitioning to the band members in period clothing and living a much “simpler” life.

In contrast to the upbeat sound and comical visuals of Yeah! Meccha Stress, the moodier Ningen da shows a more serious side of the band. Translated, the chorus repeats the phrase “I’m human” over and over, occasionally broken up with phrases such as “I’m not a genius”, “I’m not a god” or “I am human and so are you”. This shows a vulnerable humanity underneath the characters the band often portrays.

The album COMPACT DISC is planned to release on February 8, 2023, and will be available as a tote bag, pouch, and mirror, in addition to an actual compact disc album. The concept is based on an idea from vocalist Kiryuin Shou, acknowledging that many people don’t want to purchase a physical CD these days.

If these two new songs are any indication of what the album is going to be like, fans can expect a roller coaster of emotions.
In keeping with the band’s typical comedic style, their 2023 tour is called Furikaereba ketsu ga iru, which translates to “If you look back, there’s a butt” with a cinematic horror movie style poster to match. The tour includes 26 shows at 17 different venues across Japan.

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