For The Record Coffee Shop Celebrating One Year With Live Music and Holiday Market –

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Written by Audra Lambert
Combination coffee spot and record shop, For The Record, has wrapped its first year in business — and for its own year-in-review-style celebration, has invited some of their musical friends to offer live performances and DJ sets to complement the cafe’s own coffee selections. 
On Saturday, December 3 from 12 pm onward, a lineup of live bands takes to the record store stage, with performances from Ashley McKinley, Big Dumb Baby and Andy from Middle Part. Stick around to enjoy getting down to the beat from 2:30 pm as DJs take over. Guests will enjoy set after set of beats from bbbattleaxe, @imnotphil and King Diva in the lineup.
Over the course of the day, visitors can grab a cappuccino while also perusing offerings from vintage clothes brought by local vendors and stained glass creations from Michael Bryan Smith (@whoismichaelsmith). There’s something for everyone seeking to enjoy a taste of the local music scene, some strong brew and early shopping for the holidays at this festive event.
For The Record has brought an eclectic spin to its role as a community gathering spot during its first year in business. The coffee shop, situated at 1107 Manhattan Ave toward the street’s northern edge, has gained a devoted following among local creatives, vinyl collectors, and coffee fans.
In a single year, the cafe has hosted a variety of events ranging from weddings, bar mitzvahs, regular comedy nights and live shows. The spot’s enduring success is due to the perseverance and vision of owner Lucas Deysine. In this first year, he’s gathered quite the record selection, buying classics from area residents for resale (think the Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin) and offering these alongside new releases and re-issued vinyls. The cafe also offers a range of merchandise and whole coffee beans ready to go for home brewing, even placing their in-house roasted coffee at Brooklyn spots Fancy Free and Endswell.
While ruminating about the dos and don’ts of building a local coffee brand from the grounds up (pun intended), Lucas is ultimately grateful for the chance to bring a jolt of energy to the community. “Greenpoint has been lovely to me,” he reflects. “I’m excited for more years in Greenpoint and to make more of a name for myself… both inside and outside of the shop. I think there’s a lot of positive change that’s possible for the area and I am looking forward to being a part of it.”
Join For The Record on Saturday, December 3 for a reminder of what makes the local scene in Greenpoint unique.
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