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Ahead of her country music debut, Come Get Your Wife, Elle King has offered a glimpse of her favorite among the album’s offerings.
“Getting excited for my album to drop, so I’m sharing some sneak peeks of the new music…,” the singer shared on Instagram. “Here’s one of my favorites, #Lucky.” In the post, a home video of King and her son, Lucky Levi, plays while soundtracked by the singer’s latest song, a sentimental ballad that pays tribute to her toddler.
Check out her post to hear a sample of the heartwarming “Lucky,” below.
A post shared by Elle King (@elleking)
This sneak peek of “Lucky” follows her recently released track “Tulsa.” Come Get Your Wife, an album King dubs “12 slices of truth and laughter” is set to arrive on Jan. 27.
In early December of 2022, King revealed a spill left her concussed and forced her to pull out of a handful of radio shows.
“Just wanted to check in with a quick update and apologize to my fans in Tampa, Detroit, and Seattle,” the singer shared in a post on her Twitter account. “I share your disappointment that I had to cancel my radio shows this week. No one ever wants to pull out of shows, especially me. I live for performing.”
She revealed the accident happened while preparing a bottle to feed her son late at night. “I slipped down the stairs making a bottle in the middle of the night, knocked my ass out, resulting in a concussion,” she added in the post. “I tried to push and played 3 shows, but the travel, lights, all of it only exacerbated things.”
She was back on stage in time to close out 2022 as co-host and performer at New Year’s Live: Nashville’s Big Bash. The new year will see her back on the road as she kicks off her country-trotting tour in support of her upcoming release.
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