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Eli Young Band almost did not release one of their most popular songs to date. According to a Twitter post from the band, they heavily debated recording their smash hit single, "Love Ain’t," in 2018.
"We almost didn’t record this song. Glad we did!" the post read. Included with the caption was a video to depict the meaning behind the song. The official "Love Ain’t" music video features Military Veteran Taylor Morris. Morris became a quadruple amputee after being hit by explosion while fighting overseas in Afghanistan in 2012. Captioning for the official music video detailed that Morris’ girlfriend Danielle was beside him every step of the way as he recuperated. Their story inspired the single to stand for the fact that "Love ain’t always easy, but that’s when it matters most."
Bass guitarist Jon Jones explained that there was a debate regarding wether or not the band should record the single because the "English language" presented in the song was "really bad."
"We actually had a long debate as a band wether this song was ok with like the really bad use of the English language, but eventually we came around to it and thank goodness we did. It was a big ol’ song for us," Jones shared. Almost four-and-a-half years after being released, the music video alone has garnered a whopping 12,601,064 views and counting!


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