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WWE Superstars have often shown their interest in movies and the music industry. Former WWE Superstars, such as Dwayne Johnson and Batista, left their successful WWE careers to join Hollywood and the movie business.
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The 16-time World Champion, John Cena, is also currently a big name in the movie business, but also makes sporadic appearances or WWE. Recently, another WWE Superstar and husband of WWE RAW Women’s Champion made his announcement on similar grounds.
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WWE Superstar Montez Ford recently took to social media to announce an upcoming music album of his. Ford is extremely over with his fans and has impressive charisma. Apart from his pro-wrestling career, Ford had also released a music album prior to this.
He took to Instagram to reveal the name and date of his upcoming music album. The album has been named, “Syad” and will release on March, 2023. It will mark his second music album, since his debut musical album named “LMTYO” was released on February 2022.
Previously, Ford had received some inspiring words from Dwayne Johnson, and that alone elevated him to a different level, since not many people receive that.
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With 2023 only beginning, it has turned out to be an extremely big year of The Street Profits member. A Hulu series also based on him and his wife, Bianca Belair, is set to release later this year. 2022 saw The Street Profits win no titles.
However, Ford is expected to receive a major push later in his career, after rumors appeared of it.
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With a big year set up in front him, fans might see Ford or The Street Profits again win some gold.
Montez Ford had already received some uplifting words from Dwayne Johnson, and with a boost such as that, he was ready to set the stage on fire. Ford oozes out charisma, and it will be very beneficial for him, if ever decides on switching careers from pro wrestling to music.
WWE Fans were not ready to see him join the music industry and leave WWE, and they made it known.
Rapper is wildd👀👀
— ʂɑɱʋeɭ ɧoɭɭiɳʂ ʝɽ.💰 (@KidFromHarlem) January 2, 2023

Hmm will it have a feature from @JohnCena .. @MontezFordWWE
— Fyngermade INC. (@Fmp210) January 1, 2023

Nah! But what happened to his push? Dude was building major steam as a singles competitor
— Bg_kyle (@Bgkyle1) January 1, 2023

Wait what
— Gregory Bouthiette (@Greginator1996) January 1, 2023

If he doesn't have a track labeled God is good ima be a little dissappinted
— Troll reaver REBORN (@reaver_troll) January 1, 2023

Why does every black wrestler also have to be a rapper? This is getting old 🤦🏿‍♂️
— リッチ・スタークス (@Ricco_X525) January 2, 2023

— Evil Dos@GardenofDoom (@DosEvil) January 1, 2023

He’s talented as hell, toohttps://t.co/fUVgmcBKoC
— SportsCashLife (@sportscashlife) January 1, 2023
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Damn. We really about to lose him for music?!
— Luke Reynolds (@LukeRey98967993) January 1, 2023

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Montez Ford’s album will be a mix of hip-hop and R&B music. It will portray his unique approach to music. These are all the details that are out about his album, however, fans can expect more details to release soon, as the release date approaches.
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