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Corey Taylor has described his upcoming solo album as “harder,” “faster” and influenced by Slipknot. In a video posted to social media over the weekend, the ‘Knot frontman expressed his excitement about the follow-up to his 2020 solo debut, CMFT, which he just began recording with producer Jay Ruston. 
“I’m really, really excited. I mean, everything’s just bigger this time, man,” Taylor said in the video update. “Everything sounds better; everything’s running better; everything’s running hot. Instead of where I came from, this is where I’m going.
“Musically, it’s harder, it’s faster, but there’s still tons of stuff from the first album. So, there’s elements of Slipknot, there’s elements of Stone Sour, there’s elements of CMFT; there’s elements of the stuff that I’ve been doing for years — just, like, cover-wise or whatever. Just all the stuff that I’ve always wanted to do, we’re doing that.
“We’re just cranking it up and it all sounds so fucking good that I can’t even describe to you how stoked I am to be starting on this. And today’s the day. Today’s the day. Today’s the fucking one. So, let’s get going. Serious as a heart attack, nobody’s ready for what they’re about to hear. It’s for real. But first, we’ve gotta record it.”
See Taylor give his spiel below. 
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