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Swedish blues rockers Cirkus Prütz release the official lyric video for “Only Rock ‘n’ Roll.” The song is taken taken from the band’s latest studio album, Blues Revolution, released this past July by Metalville Records. The very humorous video for “Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” can be viewed HERE at Cirkus Prütz‘s official YouTube channel.
When was the last time you heard a blues-rock record that paid tribute to the Ramones and Lemmy alongside Howlin’ Wolf and Chuck Berry?
On their new album Blues RevolutionCirkus Prütz want to disarm the world with the combined support of blues and love.
With their roots in blues, hard rock, and punk, the band is not afraid to break the rules. No one tells them what they should or shouldn’t do. They push the limits and break new ground. 
Cirkus Prütz take us from their Swedish home without detours on a hot road trip through Texas with Queens Of The Stoneage, Muddy Waters, and ZZ Top on the car radio.
All songs on Blues Revolution were composed by the band together. As was the case with 2019’s previous album White Jazz – Black Magic, guitarist Franco Santunione (Electric Boys, Glory Bells Band) took over the production.
It’s bluesy, it swings, and it’s in the here and now. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:
Tracklisting for Cirkus Prütz’s Blues Revolution
1. Blues Revolution
2. Boogie Woogie Man
3. Modern Day Gentleman
4. Let’s Join Hands
5. The Devil and Me
6. Howl Like The Wolf
7. Headache
8. Gotta Quit Drinking (Before The Drinking Quits me)
9. Death Knock Blues
10. Only Rock N Roll
Christian Carlsson – lead vocals, guitar, harp
Franco Santunione – guitar, vocals
Jerry Prütz – bass, vocals
Per Kohlus – drums

(2017) All For The Boogie And The Blues
(2019) White Jazz – Black Magic

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