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Chloe Bailey announces debut album, In PiecesImage Source: Getty / Christian Vierig
Chloe Bailey is solidifying her solo career. The singer, who performs under the stage name Chlöe, announced the upcoming arrival of her debut album, “In Pieces,” in March. Chlöe broke the news on Jan. 24 with a cinematic 17-second teaser showing herself balancing scales in a red latex dress. In the song that plays in the teaser, Chlöe sings, “Wear my heart on my sleeve / they all say I’m naive / but it’s better than nothing / when did it all get so heavy now?”
Previously, Chlöe had a successful run performing with her sister Halle Bailey as Chloe x Halle. The duo released two albums, “The Kids Are Alright” in 2018 and “Ungodly Hour” in 2020, which each earned a Grammy Award nomination. Though there hasn’t been a formal announcement of their dissolution, Chloe x Halle seems to be on pause as the sisters focus on their respective careers. (Halle, for example, portrays Ariel in the upcoming live-action “Little Mermaid.”)
“Have Mercy” marked Chlöe’s first solo single in 2021. The sex-positive anthem had all the makings of a modern hit: a big-budget music video, a TikTok challenge, and several internet-breaking live performances. Chlöe has since released a few other singles in the lead-up to her album, including “Treat Me” and “For the Night” feat. Latto.
Expectations are high: Chlöe is considered a protégé of sorts for Beyoncé since signing to her Parkwood Entertainment in 2015. Her powerful vocals often draw comparisons to the pop star, as does her work ethic, but she’s yet to have a larger body of work for listeners and critics to parse through. “In Pieces” will be a joint release from Parkwood and Columbia Records, which also puts out Beyoncé’s music.
In anticipation of the release, Chlöe updated her socials and wiped her Instagram save for the announcement, which drummed up excitement with her peers, including her sister Halle, who commented, “wooooo!!!!!!”
Not too much is known about “In Pieces,” but Chlöe previously told POPSUGAR in 2022 that the album would be “spicy” and “wayyy too hot to handle,” keeping in line with some of themes of sexuality and love she’s previously sung about.
Despite earlier speculation that the album would be self-titled, Chlöe’s debut is actually titled “In Pieces.”
An exact date has not yet been revealed, but Chlöe said “In Pieces” would be arriving sometime in March 2023.
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