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The Mexican singer is looking to expand his tour in the United States and Mexico.
In an interview, Mexican singer Carin León revealed that he’s been fine-tuning details of his next album. It will be called Con honores, also the name of his favorite song of the album. When it comes to touring, León also said he wants to visit more venues across the U.S. and Mexico.
The artist told EFE that although his success “has not been quick,” he has gone “at a steady pace, consolidating a concept and creating a solid music base,” which has allowed him to continue with his career under his own music label CL Music, after terminating his contract with Tamarindo Rekordsz, the record company that promoted his solo career.

“Today we are free of the negative things and this year we are taking the bull by the horns,” said the artist, who performed in Los Angeles, California, and Glendale, Arizona this weekend.

León, who has dedicated himself to promoting the regional Mexican genre, began doing his own versions of well-known songs by other artists and little by little, began to lean towards musical fusions with other genres. 
“The one that marked a turning point in my career was the song ‘Tú’ with Jowell y Randy. That was the first thing we did that was a little strange and I knew it was a very big risk, but people connected,” he told EFE.
León expects to release his next album in March. It will feature fusions of flamenco, bluegrass, mariachi, blues and rock, according to the artist
The Mexican artist is currently touring the United States for his album Cura Local, and plans to release more tour dates before his next release. His first concert of the tour, held in Los Angeles, was a sold out show.
“Thank you so much for this first SOLD OUT at the start of the USA tour. Always with so much love and believe me it is well reciprocated,” wrote the artist in a post on Instagram.
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