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The next record your family needs to listen to together arrives in April.
Bluey is known for many great things. But sometimes the music is overlooked. That said, a new album of Bluey music is coming on April 21, 2023, and a new single — “Dance Mode” — has just dropped. And there’s so much to know about it! The new album —Bluey: Dance Mode! — is actually the second soundtrack record ever. The first, released in 2021, was the aptly titled Bluey: The Album, which took the number one spot on the US Kids Billboards charts, something it already accomplished in Australia only a wee bit earlier.
So, what should we expect from the sequel album? Bluey: Dance Mode! features songs from all three seasons, with fan favorites that are ready to delight Heeler family fanatics across the world. The tracks range from high-octane EDM-inspired kicks, to tender laid-back songs that soothe, but it’s indisputable that each one is catchy and always uplifting. And don’t worry, Unicorse is not a featured singer in any of the tunes.
But what’s the deal with all of these songs? Which Bluey episodes do they come from? Who sings? When does the whole album drop? Will it be on vinyl? Let’s get into it in great detail.
The cover of the album Bluey: Dance Mode!
The second Bluey album as an actual record, for real life! Pre-order now!
Bluey: Dance Mode! will be available on April 21, 2023, from Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and other digital streaming platforms, along with a vinyl version which you can snag on Amazon, Vinyl, and other retailers. The single is out now and you can listen to it right here.
Want to know how the song “Dance Mode” was made? Here’s an exclusive look.
Bluey is streaming on Dinsey+.


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