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A town band has released their first new music in almost a year.
The Too Much Pressure EP is The Empty Pages’ first release since The Clowns EP and came out on Friday.
It is currently the only way to listen to the Stamford two-piece of Kieran Wade and Fredo Miceli who have taken a break from performing live.
“All our energies go into recording now,” said songwriter Kieran who writes and produces between working as a music teacher.
“I’ve played in bands since I was 15 and have been really busy playing all my adult life.
“So when the pandemic started I decided I would take a break from playing live.”
The new record features six tracks of blues-rock, and continues where The Clowns left off.
“These were songs that I had already started writing as soon as the last EP was finished,” Kieran explained.
“Once something is finished I don’t want to think about that anymore – it’s on to the next one.”
One of its tracks, One More Day, features a reunion with Stu Hendry, lead vocalist on the first Empty Pages record in 2017.
Kieran puts the 12-month wait down to his perfectionist streak in the studio, as well as his day job and family duties.
“It’s a slow process, but that’s the way we seem to like to work,” he said.
“I’m pleased it’s out now – I’ve listened to those songs so many times now mixing and mastering.
“I’m only happy when I’ve finished it and sent it over to Fredo. When he tells me he is happy, I’m happy.”
Kieran is now also working on a side project, indulging his lifelong love of rock.
“I like punk rock, guitar-driven music so I’m writing a record more like that,” he said.
“It’s mainly for my own pleasure, but if it’s good enough and people like it, I may release it.
Too Much Pressure is available from all the usual digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and on CD, and for digital purchase from


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