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Rebecca Salinas, Digital Journalist
Rebecca Salinas, Digital Journalist
BOERNE – A Boerne-area music school owner and member of a local church band has been arrested on child sex crime charges, according to records with Kendall and Bandera counties.
Gareth Goode was taken into custody on Friday on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, indecency with a child and harassment.
The investigation into Goode started when a woman came forward in June 2021 to file a report about a past sexual assault of her daughter, according to an offense report from the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office.
Additional information about the case or accusations has not been released, but an indictment filed on Jan. 10 states the alleged offenses happened in 2013.
A spokesperson with Boerne police said that on Friday, officers were advised of a suspect, Goode, wanted out of Bandera County.
Goode was taken into custody in the 200 block of Shadywood without incident, the spokesperson said. He was booked into the Kendall County Jail and his bond amount is set at $202,000, records show.
A website for his business, Goode Music Inc., states that he offers music lessons for children and adults in the Fair Oaks Ranch, Boerne and Leon Springs area. The music school and store is located on Interstate 10 in Boerne.
He has never been an employee with Boerne ISD, a district spokesperson said. He is not listed as a certified teacher with the Texas Education Agency.
Goode is also listed as a band member of the St. John Lutheran Church in Boerne. The church said it was aware of the allegations but did not immediately release more information.
The Boerne Star reported that Goode was previously convicted of two driving while intoxicated charges. One incident happened in 1999 in McLennan County, and the other happened in 2011 in Bexar County, the newspaper reported.
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Best DAWs 2023: 10 DAWs for recording instruments, producing … – RouteNote

We’re exploring the top 10 DAWs that you can download right now and enhance your music-making experience in 2023. We’ve listed the best DAWs to use in 2023, and they also are some of the most used DAWs! And for good measure, we’ve thrown in three of the best affordable DAWs too!
Here we’re showing you the best DAW for electronic dance music and hip-hop beat production, and we’ve got a few DAWs that excel at recording vocals and instruments. Furthermore, all DAWs on our list have the tools & functionality for mixing and mastering, but particular DAWs excel at it. These include Ableton, Pro Tools, Bitwig, Logic Pro, and Cubase – so if you’re going to be mixing your own music then these DAWs should be at the top of your list.
Ableton Live offers two workflows simultaneously. While one is aimed at music production with a standard Arrangement View, the other, Session View, is built for live performance. Ableton Live is a favorite DAW amongst electronic and pop music producers as a result because these workflows make music production & performance a seamless experience. Although Ableton is available for Windows and Mac, Microsoft hasn’t developed a signature DAW so I think Ableton is the best DAW for Windows.
Ableton’s workflow is notoriously streamlined. Whether in Session or Arrangement View, everything is easy to navigate. And like with every other DAW, it really pays to know the keyboard shortcuts. This will speed up your workflow more than anything else. As a result, you can quickly create loops and beats, play with MIDI and swap out instruments or plugins, quickly insert effects, and record multiple tracks with just a few clicks.
Its workflow makes it a program with the best DAW interface. Ableton offers numerous devices that serve different functions, and my favorites are its Drum & Instrument Racks. These devices make it super easy to layer multiple instances of the same instrument or multiple instruments together in one audio channel, and the drum rack allows you to layer VSTs or samples across multiple groups of 16 pads! As a result, I think Ableton is the best DAW for electronic drums!
For another matter, Ableton offers two samplers. Simpler, its beginner-friendly sampler, makes slicing an chopping samples ridiculously easy. You can chop any audio file whatsoever with ease and map the chops to your MIDI keyboard. Sampler, on the other hand, is Simpler’s bigger brother. It’s a fully-fledged sampler that you can progress to once you’re comfortable with Simpler, and it gives you a bit more creative flexibility. It’s easily the best DAW sampler that you will find.
Furthermore, Ableton Live offers a massive library of samples, a host of software synths and instruments, and neatly organized effects with VST3 support. In fact, Live 11 offers new, very seamless comping functionality that previous versions have not. And the latest iteration supports MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), in addition to new devices and instruments.
Ultimately, Ableton Live provides music producers with an Olympian level of flexibility. Though it’s geared towards electronic music, Live is well suited to music creation of many genres, including rock music!
Finally, iOS users can make use of Ableton Sketch!
Of course, you may not need all the fancy features that Live offers. Maybe you just want to make beats and nothing else? Well, Fruity Loops 21 has you covered. It offers a desktop app and a mobile app, and the mobile app is one of the best DAWs for Android.
FL Studio has long been a favorite for beat producers. In fact, it started out as a software sampler – and you can still see some of its earliest features like its channel sequencer that are a testament to this. Now on its 21st iteration, FL Studio makes it easy for amateur music and beat producers to jump in and start putting beats together quickly.
Fruity Loops makes working with automation easy too, and working with MIDI in its piano roll is as easy as you’d like it to be. In fact, FL Studio’s piano roll is geared toward composing Hip Hop and Trap music with numerous features that make it easy to create effects synonymous with those genres. Though it doesn’t offer the flexibility that Ableton Live does, its workflow is clean. I personally think its user interface is a little messy, but that doesn’t take away from the powerful engine sitting beneath the surface.
It wasn’t so long ago that FL Studio was seen as the “amateur DAW”. Of course, some do still see it as such, but Image-Line continues to build FL Studio up into a powerhouse with each new iteration. Ableton and Logic Pro are favorites amongst independent musicians, but FL Studio is coming in a hot third.
The two DAWs we’ve covered excel at electronic music and beat production. While you can record live instruments and vocals into them, these DAWs do not specialize in the areas. But if you’re a Mac user then get ready to discover the best DAWs for vocals and live instruments that you can use.
Logic Pro is Apple’s professional DAW. To say it’s a favorite in the professional recording world is an understatement. Its interface is akin to Garageband because it’s designed to be the next step from Garageband, so users of the latter will sink into Logic’s workflow easily. However, Logic is by far the superior music production engine.
The DAW is crammed with features that make it great for professional music production at home and in studios. And, of course, you can use Logic Pro and continue your sessions on an iPad and iPhone. Further, the stock plugins of Logic Pro are some of the best in class – only rivaled by a select few DAWs, namely Ableton Pro Tools, and Cubase.
Logic Pro is made to work seamlessly with Apple computers, so recording with Logic Pro on Apple computers is as easy as 1, 2, 3. No matter what audio interface you use, recording with Logic Pro on an Apple computer just works. Aside from recording, working with MIDI is also intuitive. For example, Logic’s Live Loops feature lets you work creatively with loops, and you can easily build beats and song structures with the step sequencer.
It should go without saying that if you’re a Mac user and you want to record vocals, guitars, drums, or any other instrument then Logic Pro is the best DAW software for you.
Another of the best DAWs around, whether you’re on Windows or Mac, is Cubase. Though it’s number four on our list of popular DAWs, Cubase is an industry standard in recording music studios. Though rival DAWs like Ableton find themselves favored by many independent artists, if you walk into a professional studio then there’s a good chance that you’ll find Cubase or Pro Tools.
Here’s a fun fact – Cubase was actually the first DAW available for digital computers, and most features you’ll find in every other DAW originated from Cubase! While developers do add their own twists and quirks to their own DAWs, the major features and functions common to all DAWs originate from Cubase. With that said, Steinberg is constantly seeking to improve the features inside Cubase.
Cubase makes it easy to pull in selected tracks from other Cubase projects, it offers a variety of software instruments and professional plugins, and the mouse cursor itself holds a collection of tools that change based on what you’re hovering over. Finally, Cubase’s Sample Track allows you to pull in any audio sample of any length from anywhere and use it as a sampled instrument. Slice it however you like and map it to your keyboard and get creative!
While Mac has Logic, Windows users have Cubase. Of course, it’s not a Windows-only DAW but I’d say it is one of Logic’s biggest Windows competitors for recording vocals, guitar, and so on.
Put simply, Avid Pro Tools is the standard in the audio industry. Though Cubase is a close rival in music production, a lot of professional music studios use Pro Tools, and it really is the standard post-production and sound design studios for TV & film. Pro Tools is a true powerhouse.
Why? Because Pro Tools is renowned for making linear track recording easy, so quickly recording an instrument or vocalist to sit on top of another in a verse or chorus is just one click away with no faff. Moreover, Pro Tools make sit easy to sync audio to visuals, it the virtual instruments available in Pro Tools improve with every iteration of the DAW, giving you a plethora of advanced creative options to choose from.
The truth is that Pro Tools is simply built for huge multitrack projects. Many DAWs can handle projects with countless tracks but Pro Tools handles them seamlessly. It’s another of the best DAWs for Windows if you’re looking to record instruments and vocals, and its sweet package of virtual instruments and plugins means Pro Tools has something for everyone.
You’ve probably guessed by my having Ableton & FL Studio at the top that I am predominately an electronic musician. Well, make way for a DAW with one of the most amazing interfaces for electronic musicians.
Bitwig only entered the scene a few years ago but it’s made waves since, and that’s because it’s downright superb for electronic music production and live performance.
Founded by ex-Ableton engineers, Bitwig Studio shares a similar concept od Ableton’s Audio Clips and MIDI Clips, but it’s built on the idea of modular synthesis. The creative environment inside this DAW with its many networking features across modules is something completely new to the DAW market. And because it’s developed by ex-Ableton engineers, rest assured that it utilizes some of the awesome features in Ableton like its epic drum rack and sampler.
The entire Bitwig interface is built around one principle: getting creative with modular. It’s the first DAW to harness this power and take it to the next level by building an entire creative environment interface for creating music, not just sounds. But, because it’s new, its features aren’t as fleshed out as other DAWs are just yet.
With that said, it does have a very exciting feature in the works – one that is perhaps its biggest selling point. Bitwig is building a way for artists to collaborate on the same project from different devices!
Collaboration features are planned for future versions of Bitwig Studio. Network support is already built into the core of the software and the Bitwig Studio project file format is designed bearing collaboration features in mind. So collaboration is part of the DNA of Bitwig Studio. We are dedicated to further develop our own collaboration technology.
In short, Bitwig is still growing. But the potential for this DAW is off the charts, and if you’re an experienced electronic music producer with a love for modular synthesis then Bitwig is the DAw for you.
Reason is a DAW with a serious reputation. It comes packed with a lot of really cool features and software tools, but its user interface is a little… old-fashioned. But if you’re into the look of analog equipment then Reason may well be for you.
DAWs like Ableton gives electronic music producers an unprecedented amount of flexibility. Though Reason doesn’t offer quite as much, it does give you a lot of reputable virtual instruments that provide you with enough versatility to create great music. Further, Reason offers collaboration tools that make working with other artists pain-free!
However, its audio editing capabilities aren’t quite as multifaceted as Pro Tools. Therefore, electronic and hip-hop producers who work mostly with software instruments will find something more desirable about Reason than the likes of recording artists.
Ultimately, Reason offers a plethora of software instruments. You can use its many synths, drum machines, samplers, and effects to create electronic music of any style before you purchase a third-party software instrument.
Reaper, another DAW spoken of fondly by many artists, is probably the most affordable premium DAW there is. It’s a full DAW so you can record multiple channels of audio at once or write music with MIDI hardware, and it’s been built through community feedback.
Its interface layout is clean and focused, the program is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, and its latest iteration brings the DAW back into the center of the fold with a new lick of paint. Despite its lagging behind other premium DAWs, Reaper is a powerful audio processing unit that can handle some sizeable projects. Although its interface is straightforward with a small only a small learning curve, the software itself is pretty versatile.
In short, Reaper is the underdog of the DAWs. You could say it’s the… underdawg? Awful jokes aside, if you need a fully functional DAW with a small price tag then Reaper is a strong candidate. Its interface is customizable so you can make the layout and color scheme work for your needs and tastes!
Garageband is Apple’s free DAW, and it comes pre-installed on all of their computers, iPads, and iPhones. Though it’s free, it’s downright versatile and will give you the tools you need to start writing music on Apple systems.
In practice, Garageband’s workflow makes it easy for you to sketch out your ideas, experiment with virtual instruments and effects, and really get to grips with music production. And you can use it free of charge as long as you have an Apple system!
GarageBand is one of the most beginner-friendly DAWs there is, ad I’m prepared to hedge my bets and say it’s the best beginner DAW, and such it’s one of the best DAWs for Mac and iPad. In fact, it was the first DAW I ever used when I first began experimenting with MIDI. I remember being glued to my dad’s Mac for hours each day just having the time time of my life! There are enough software tools in there to gain an understanding of the basic principles of how DAWs work, and it’s a joy to play with if you’ve never used a DAW before.
Furthermore, you can utilize its touch instruments – instruments you can play with “touch” – on iPhone & iPad, chop samples with your Mac’s Touch Bar, and utilize its efficient power & processing consumption and record your own instruments.
Okay, so Apple users have Garageband – but Windows users have a plethora of free options. Granted, many of them cannot compare to the end-to-end effectiveness of Garageband, but there’s one that can – Waveform Free. It’s based on the paid Tracktion’s Waveform Pro DAW which is a paid software, but Waveform Free’s interface is easy to use and it’s actually available across Linux and Mac operating systems too! Therefore, I think it’s the best beginner DAw for those operating systems.
Waveform Free’s single-panel user interface makes it an easy DAW to navigate while you’re unfamiliar with its layout, and it comes packed with features such as automation tools, and full VST plugin support. A as result, you can integrate third-party software instruments and synthesizers seamlessly!
With that said, Waveform is a DAW geared more toward electronic music production. While you can record your own instruments, and the software offers a “Band Recording” project template, setting this up may cost a couple more minutes than Garegaband would – but that tends to be a common characteristic across DAWs on Windows computers, so we can forgive Waveform for not breaking the mold.
Loaded with all of this information, you can make an informed decision on which of these DAWs is best for you. These are some of the best DAWs about, and that’s why they’re all incredibly popular.
If you’re looking to make electronic music or beats then you’ll be better suited to Ableton, Bitwog, or FL Studio. On the other hand, if you’re looking to record live instruments then Pro Tools, PLogic, or Cubase are more geared toward this.
If you want a premium DAW for an affordable price then look into Reaper or even Tracktion’s Waveform Pro. And if you’re just starting out in music production then check out Garageband or Waveform Free!
And if you’d like to know more about DAWs in general don’t forget to check the article below!
Sampling has been at the forefront of music production for some years, and that’s why working with samples in DAWs is now easier than ever. Level your music up with samples and download 100 royalty-free one-shots, loops, FX & full sample packs right now for $2.99!
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Ringo Starr claims his favourite John Lennon White Album song reunited The Beatles – Express

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The Beatles’ 1968 self-titled album had most of its songs written in the spring of that year when the band were at a Transcendental Meditation course in Rishikesh, India. From May to October, the Fab Four recorded the album at Abbey Road, where arguments broke out over creative differences. Tensions also weren’t helped by the continual presence of John Lennon’s new girlfriend Yoko Ono, who broke The Beatles’ rule of not having wives or partners in the studio. However, in a new interview, Sir Ringo Starr claimed that a song written for the record by Lennon reunited The Beatles, making them closer than ever before.
Ringo features as a talking head in the new Abbey Road Studios Disney+ documentary, If These Walls Could Sing, alongside Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John and more.
In the film directed by Macca’s daughter Mary McCartney, The Beatles drummer said: “When it came to the White Album, I loved the White Album because it wasn’t really mentioned, but we knew we wanna be a band again.” The 82-year-old then revealed his favourite song from the record.john and ringo, ringo todaybeatles at abbey roadRingo continued: “My favourite track is Yer Blues, where we took everything into a room, not as big as this [small] carpet.” The Beatles recorded Lennon’s track in the Abbey Road Storage Room, a large closet in the studio’s control room. 
The drummer said with glee: “We just, like, rocked it. We just, y’know, turned into this incredible, closest band. It’s one of the all-time great memories for me.” Lennon penned Yer Blues in India when he was “trying to reach God and feeling suicidal”.
READ MORE: The Beatles’ rooftop performance arrest ‘was a bluff’
Yer Blues is a parody of blues music, especially by white English musicians during its boom in 1968. Speaking previously with Rolling Stone, McCartney said of the recording: “We were talking about this tightness, this packed-in-a-tin thing. So we got in a little cupboard – a closet that had microphone leads and things, with a drum kit, amps turned to the walls, one mic for John. We did Yer Blues live and it was really good.”
Later that year, Lennon would perform Yer Blues at The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus with his supergroup The Dirty Mac, which also included Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. 
If These Walls Could Sing is streaming now on Disney+. For confidential support call the Samaritans in the UK on 116 123 or visit a local Samaritans branch.
See today’s front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive.


Exceleration Music Announces +1 Records Catalog Investment As … – Digital Music News

Coast Modern (pictured) has released multiple albums via +1 Records. Photo Credit: Timothynorris
Three-year-old Exceleration Music, which acquired Bloodshot Records in 2021 and bought the catalog of Heroic Music Group last year, unveiled its latest play via a formal release today. For background, the indie-focused music investor Exceleration counts as partners former Merlin CEO Charles Caldas, longtime Concord exec John Burk, and former ADA higher-up Amy Dietz, to name some.
Meanwhile, +1 Records (which in 2019 unveiled an Empire distribution deal) arrived on the scene in 2008 and has signed acts including Anna of the North, Geordie Kieffer, and Japan, Man. Though the companies haven’t publicly revealed the precise financials and details of their agreement, Exceleration said that it will support +1 artists’ forthcoming releases with “resources and operational support.”
2023 projects from Rejjie Snow, Nate Husser, Lo Village, and Anna Shoemaker are set to be “the first releases powered by the new partnership,” Exceleration and +1 communicated. And as initially mentioned, Exceleration has likewise “made an investment in +1’s catalog.”
Finally, in terms of +1’s post-transaction executive roster, Josh Swade, the label’s third and final co-founder, is mentioned only in passing in Exceleration’s release. However, Swade’s LinkedIn profile still listed him as a +1 partner at the time of this writing.
Also at the time of this writing, Nat Hays Boas hadn’t commented on his departure or the Exceleration pact on Instagram. Kaps, for his part, touted the Exceleration tie-up in a statement (“we will be an even greater resource for independent artists”), and Amy Dietz emphasized her ambitious vision for +1 moving forward.
“Jonny and the +1 team have built a vibrant and impactful label by focusing on artist development and being agile and innovative,” the former Ingrooves exec Dietz said in part. “From my first meeting with Jonny it was clear his passion, vision, and artist-first ethos, completely aligned with our mission at Exceleration Music.
“I know that by combining the talented +1 team, with the expertise and resources of the growing and talented Exceleration team, we will together take +1 and its artists into a bright future,” finished Dietz.


New Fall Out Boy Song Breaks LiveJournal Attempted Log-In Records – The Hard Times

By Jose Balderas | January 26, 2023
SAN FRANCISCO — Executives at the formerly popular blogging platform LiveJournal report that their website experienced a sudden spike in log-in attempts following the release of a new Fall Out Boy song last week.
“We had no idea Fall Out Boy planned on dropping a new song, and since their last three albums were duds we figured everyone had moved on. But this new song seems to have sparked something deep inside the people that spent so much time using LiveJournal in the mid-oughts,” explained developer Winston Kuma. “The entire site was brought to its knees from the number of people attempting to guess their old passwords unsuccessfully. Which then led to an overwhelming request for password retrievals. Our analysts noticed most were just variations of lyrics from ‘Dance, Dance.’”
Former long-time LiveJournal blogger, Mei Oski, was one of the thousands of self-declared “Elder Emos” who were caught up in the digital standstill.
“Hearing Fall Out Boy sound like their old selves immediately triggered a Pavlovian response in my hands to try and log back into my old LiveJournal account. I’ll never forget my username, XxMeloDramaticxX, but my password was always changing back then and I couldn’t which variation of ‘rawr’ and ‘meep’ I used,” said Oski. “I needed to log-in so that I could change my mood status to Pete and Patrick’s clever wordplay from the new track. But I also wanted to vent about that bitch, Darla, and her work-husband, Jesse, always up my ass about the latest deliverables on the project I’m managing.”
Experts are not expecting the sudden resurgence of LiveJournal to have any lasting effect on the tech space.
“What we’re seeing is the raw power that millennial nostalgia can have and, frankly, how destructive in nature it really is,” said Max Brown, professor of Millennial Nostalgia Studies at UC Berkeley. “They were the first to experience social media and aren’t as refined in reacting to moments like the younger generations are. Tech companies need to understand that nostalgia is the most powerful force fueling anyone between the ages of 30 and 45. It’s why I coach brands on how to carefully get their attention without accidentally unleashing their wrath, be it good or bad. But as more people, acts, and bands of that era begin their cyclical return to the spotlight we can only pray whichever medium is the target can handle that traffic.”
“Another Pete Wentz dick pick is the digital San Andreas fault we all have to always be mindful of,” he added.
As of press time, Fall Out Boy is preparing secret shows that will require the reactivation of an old T-Mobile Sidekick 3 to access entry.

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3 time cancer survivor donates music album to American Cancer … – CBS News 8

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SAN DIEGO — What would you do if you had a whole album of music in your head, but couldn’t sing or play a musical instrument? In this Zevely Zone, a three-time cancer survivor takes a trip to Nashville. 
“This is my way of giving back,” said 73-year-old Terry Jordan.  I first met Terry in 2017. He was a dance instructor in San Diego using his unique skills to donate time and money to numerous charities. “Somehow I survived,” said Terry. 
After beating throat and prostate cancer, Terry’s story of survival caught the attention of Giving Back magazine. The publication covered Terry’s generosity for twelve months straight as he donated check after check.
Terry has a big heart, and he gave that away too. “It’s never too late in life for romance,” said Terry who met Renee on a cruise.  His love for her and life was so strong, he wanted to sing from the mountain tops with one slight problem.  He can’t sing! “No,” said Terry.  So, what was he supposed to do with twelve powerful songs pouring out of him? 
“At age 73, to possibly be a song writer, I didn’t know such things could happen,” said Terry who took his songs to a Nashville recording studio called Best Built Songs: The Parlor Recording Studio. That is where Terry hired some heavy hitters who have worked with Rod Stewart, Tim McGraw and Roy Orbison to bring his music to life. Terry’s music can now be streamed from a platform called SoundCloud. Every time you listen, royalties are generated. 
“That money, 100% of it will be donated to the American Cancer Society,” said Terry. In just a few months, Terry’s songs have been played more than 40,000 times. “It feels great,” said Terry. “I know there are people who don’t survive, there are people who won’t survive.” But Terry hopes his music will survive. He’s now fighting a third type of cancer lymphoma and win or lose he knows his music will live on. Terry hopes his songs will create a river of nickels which could quite possibly be the title of his next hit song. “River of Nickels!” said Terry. “One is up for a Grammy.”
Terry submitted a song about service members suffering from PTSD titled ‘When You Come Back’. He submitted the song for nomination in the 2023 Grammys as Best Song For Social Change.
Terry’s mother and father both died from cancer. As an independent songwriter, the payouts for his songs on SoundCloud range from $0.0025 to $0.004 per play. For every 1,000 plays, Terry will donate 100% of the proceeds which is between $2.50 and $4.00. Terry’s album is titled “Along The Way”, you can listen to it by visiting this SoundCloud link.
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John McEnroe Would Love To Record A Song With Foo Fighters – UPROXX

Depending on your age, you either know John McEnroe as a tennis icon or the narrator of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever. His range extends to music, including a 2015 performance of Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings.”
Eurosport Tennis recently featured McEnroe on its “My Playlist” series. While strumming an acoustic guitar, he answered a slew of music-related questions. He was first asked to identify the perfect celebratory song after a victory, and he cited his first Wimbledon title as the reason for choosing “I Fought The Law” by The Clash.
McEnroe’s guilty pleasure song is “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M., but which band does he want to record with?
“I’d love to play [and] record with the Foo Fighters,” McEnroe said. “My friend — God rest his soul — Taylor Hawkins, the drummer, is no longer with us. So, if I ever had a chance to dedicate something to him, that would be incredible.”
After saying that, McEnroe inserted Hawkins’ name into a rendition of Foo Fighters’ smash “Everlong.”
While R.E.M. are never getting back together, Foo Fighters posted an optimistic update on New Year’s Eve about the band’s future following Hawkins’ sudden death in March:
— Foo Fighters (@foofighters) December 31, 2022

Because Foo Fighters plan on remaining active, McEnroe at least has an outside chance to record a tribute song for Hawkins.
Watch McEnroe’s full segment with Eurosport Tennis above.


Column: Grief inspired Coronado woman to write songs again … – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Fourteen months ago, Vanessa Mitchell-Delmotte appealed to a local Facebook group, Coronado Happenings, for suggestions of bucket list adventures she could take with her dad. He had terminal cancer, and she wanted to share some meaningful time with him.
The mother of three young kids was taking a month off from her job as a diamond setter at the S.D. Jewelers Exchange downtown for together time that she nicknamed, “December with Dad.”
Her father, Patrick Mitchell, was a former Chula Vista High School administrator and retired head of Francis Parker Upper School.
Her simple, heart-felt Facebook appeal triggered a deluge of encouraging words, trip ideas, gift offers, shared stories from strangers — and an article last year in The Washington Post.
Given her dad’s declining health, the duo was only able to follow through on a few adventures but appreciated the generous response from strangers as much as the experiences themselves.
They were offered private surfing lessons, a painting session, a hotel staycation, tickets to “The Nutcracker,” a family photo shoot, and much more.

A violinist stopped by and gave a private performance, playing Patrick’s favorite songs. A local couple hosted a hangar tour of the Navy helicopters at North Island.
And they went to Las Vegas, where former Coronado resident Vickie Quinn arranged for them to see an Ultimate Fighting Championship match.
Patrick Mitchell passed away Jan. 11, 2021. Now Mitchell-Delmotte, 39, a singer/songwriter by avocation, is giving back in an unusual way — by releasing an album.

When she was in her early 20s, she had recorded a 13-song album, “Nice to Meet You,” gotten songwriting out of her system and went on to build her career of designing diamond engagement rings.
“I grew my business, had my kids and didn’t have anything more to say,” she explains of her music.
But that changed when her dad was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer a year before his death.

“I just started to write and record my songs in the car” — sometimes in building parking garages and in her driveway at home before entering the house to see her kids.
Some of those songs were inspired by her relationship with her father, his presence during the milestones and everyday moments of her life and his medical journey. But others were written for the folks who befriended them through the bucket list experience and others who shared their own grief on Facebook chat group sites.
“I’ve connected with all these people on a deep level,” she says. “I felt what I was saying might have an impact on someone else besides me.”

One of them was Vicki Quinn. “Vicki had given me this beautiful time with my dad that I will never forget,” Mitchell-Delmotte says. “And I gave her a song” — “One Day at a Time.”
Quinn, who lost her husband, shared with Mitchell-Delmotte that she had received 500 flowers, 700 casseroles, many invitations, lots of books on grief and hundreds of cards, letters and messages.
“Never did I receive a song that not only is beautiful but encompasses exactly how I feel … silent grief. Thank you will never be enough,” Quinn noted.

Another song, “Mark My Words,” was written with Mark Head, of Rochester, N.Y., in mind. Despite his own pancreatic cancer, he continued sending uplifting messages to Mitchell-Delmotte.
“I felt very honored and humbled by it,” Head, 68, says of the song. “One of the hidden blessings when you’re hit with a curse is that good things come along with it.”
He is a psychotherapist and writes weekly blogs for a Facebook group of cancer patients and another for their supporters. He met Mitchell-Delmotte in a group chat, and she told him his writings reminded her of her father and helped them cope.

“It’s a beautiful song,” says Head, who recognizes his words in the lyrics. “She’s just one of those beautiful people in life who is full of joy, giving and service to others.”
Another song, “Promise Me This,” is for her mom, Susan Mitchell. It was the love letter she imagined her father would have written to his wife.
Although it wasn’t planned, Mitchell-Delmotte realized her songs reflected the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

She wrote lyrics and melodies, then hired a musician to add instrumentation.
Thus, the album, “Love Will Remain,” was born — a total of 13 songs bearing such titles as “I Believe,” “Taking a Walk With You,” “I’ve Got You,” “Tonight I Grieve,” “Empty Chair” and “Unbroken.” Near the end is “Thank You,” evoking the final stage of acceptance, and “Best Life Ever.”
“It was how I was feeling — me just pouring out my heart.” She shared the songs in her online grief groups as a way to connect and express feelings.

The album was released on Spotify, YouTube and other streaming sites Jan. 11, the one-year anniversary of her father’s passing.
She doesn’t have an agent. She isn’t performing or touring locally. Fame and fortune are not her goals. In fact, Mitchell-Delmotte plans to donate any profits from song sales to the local Make -A-Wish Foundation.
“I believe the songs will have an impact where they are meant to,” she says. And that is enough for her.

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Karol G Just Revealed the Name of Her Upcoming Album – POPSUGAR

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 22: Singer Karol G performs onstage at Calibash Latin Music Festival at Arena on January 22, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)
Image Source: Getty / Photo by Scott Dudelson
On Wednesday, Jan. 25, Karol G revealed in an Instagram post the name of her upcoming album. “Finally, finally,” she captioned a short clip in Spanish. “Today I announce a project that I’ve dedicated so much love and time to. I just know that for me and for everyone else, ‘Mañana Será Bonito’ (Tomorrow Will Be Pretty).”
In the video, Karol is seen sitting in a red car in Medellín, Colombia, eating an empanada, when all of a sudden, a small note appears on her windshield that reads in Spanish: “If you’re sad, call me.” She gets out of the car and dials the number on a payphone, and a young boy answers from what appears to be a telecommunications center run by kids. In an effort to cheer her up, he advises her to write a letter to Santa Claus, perform at a show, or consider recording her own version of the hit song “La Jeepeta.” But at the end of the call, his final words of wisdom are: “But señorita, the important thing is that mañana será bonito.” The clip ends with the words “coming soon.”
We can’t help but wonder if Karol has a song in the new album by the same name —”Mañana Será Bonito” — and if this clip is a teaser to the track’s music video. Chances are that’s precisely the case. The Colombian music artist’s career has quickly taken off since she dropped her debut album, “Unstoppable,” in 2017, which was then followed by 2019’s “Ocean” and 2021’s “KG0516.” This would make “Mañana Será Bonito” her fourth studio album, and based on the little we could hear from the posted clip, it looks like it will be serving a whole new vibe.
Karol’s previous album “KG0516” came with a number of megahit songs, including her now-signature “Bichota,” “Tusa” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Location” featuring Anuel AA and J Balvin, and “Leyendas” featuring Wisin & Yandel, Nicky Jam, Ivy Queen, Zion, and Alberto Stylee. “Tulsa” broke a number of records, including becoming the first song by two lead women artists to debut at No. 1 on the Hot Latin Songs Chart. It was also the first Latin song with all women artists to reach a billion streams on Spotify. “KG0516” not only received a 2021 Grammy nomination, but it also was Karol’s first No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums. The album earned the biggest week for a Latin album by a woman since fellow Colombiana Shakira’s 2017 “El Dorado.” Our expectations for “Mañana Será Bonito” are high, but considering Karol’s track record, we’re confident she’ll overdeliver.
Check out the new album announcement below!

A post shared by KAROL G (@karolg)
by Yerin Kim 5 hours ago
by Kate Schweitzer 8 hours ago
by Monica Sisavat 8 hours ago
by Monica Sisavat 9 hours ago
by Pallavi Bhadu 9 hours ago
by Victoria Messina 9 hours ago
by Yerin Kim 10 hours ago
by Sabienna Bowman 10 hours ago
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