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While music has always been an important element of anime, Bocchi the Rock elevates it to a whole other level with a new chart-topping album.
In another example of life imitating art, the in-anime music album from Hitori Goto's band in the hit new series Bocchi the Rock!, has topped the actual weekly album rankings, beating out several (better-known) musical groups.
As reported in a post to the official Bocchi the Rock! Twitter account, the album, entitled "Kessoku Band"–the same name of Goto's band in the anime–not only garnered the top spot for the "hottest" album of the week ending on January 7, 2023, but has also topped the charts in sales nearing 74,000 copies since its December 28, 2022, debut.
The album was the most downloaded album of the week, for the second week in a row. Interestingly, the album's popularity shows no signs of dropping. Over the past week, the band has beat out the likes of the popular Japanese rock band Ellegarden, Ado of One Piece Film: Red fame, and the awarding-winning Korean hip hop band NCT Dream.
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Music has become an essential element of the modern anime. It's used to energize, inform, and set the tone. However, few contemporary anime have delved into music as much as Bocchi the Rock! . Naturally the series' fascination with music has to do with the storyline, as Keiichiro Saito's anime takes the musical connection to a whole other level. This is most obviously demonstrated in the "Kessoku Band" album, with14 songs on the album including the anime's opening edgy theme song "Seishun Complex," its jubilant ending song "Distortion," as well as a number of other songs that are played in the anime, along with several never-before-heard first release.
Bocchi the Rock! debuted in October 2022 and soon after became one of the most popular anime of the Fall 2022 anime season. And just like the music album, consistently had its main characters voted more popular than those from such anime stalwarts as Spy x Family, Blue Lock, and Chainsaw Man. While a second series for Bocchi the Rock! has yet to be announced, judging from the popularity of the album, the public has certainly made it clear that its wants another season, especially if that includes a new album.
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