Alexis Charpentier: Hunting for forgotten records – NPR

Katie Monteleone
Manoush Zomorodi
Sanaz Meshkinpour
Rachel Faulkner White
Music curator Alexis Charpentier hunts for forgotten records around the world. He shares the story of rediscovering a Swiss band from the 80s — and how he helped give their music a second life.
Alexis Charpentier is a music curator, DJ, record digger and founder of the Music Is My Sanctuary, an independent Montreal-based website and collective. He is also the founder and producer of 24 Hours of Vinyl, a project that celebrates the love of vinyl records by gathering DJs and collectors from around the world.
The band featured in this segment is the 1980s Swiss punk band Black Citron — check out Charpentier’s website,, to read more about them.
Charpentier lives in Montreal, Canada.
This segment of the TED Radio Hour was produced by Katie Monteleone and edited by Sanaz Meshkinpour and Rachel Faulkner White. You can follow us on Twitter @TEDRadioHour and email us at
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