Album Review: The Stone Foxes- On The Other Side –

January 6th, 2023 – 9:00 AM
An Experimental Happening
San Francisco natives The Stone Foxes have released their album On The Other Side made public on November 18, 2022, it has been produced and recorded by Shannon Koehler (lead vocals, drums, harmonica) and Spence Koehler (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, pedal steel, bass). The Stone Foxes have compiled a listen that puts soul and life into every song, an album that has high hopes in opening new doors in rock n’ roll. While it can best be described as swampy, thunderous and ground-breaking, it is electrifying with its intent.
“Man’s Red Fire ” was born from various inspirations some of which include The Stone Foxes witnessing the California wildfires personally, the gravity, fear and hope behind Shannon Koehler’s open heart surgery and the inevitable effects from climate change. There is a raging fire in the lyrics while being pursued by climatic and crucial guitar riffs.
“Time is a Killer” is a weighty and ponderous track with all encompassing guitar solos that puts impenetrable emphasis that everything that we have and don’t have is time. In this Quentin Tarantino inspired movie soundtrack type single, Mother Nature is portrayed as “Time”, a cold embodiment of a moving, unchanging thing that will always keep going forward which goes hand in hand with Shannon Koehler’s intent that Mother Nature will in the end do the same. 
“Faded(Bye Bye Baby)” is velvety and euphonious with a psychedelic ambience that is endearing and carefree with groovy ballads and surprising guitar and drum spins.
Wrapping up with “Perfect For Me” opening on a hymn-like guitar procession, The Stone Foxes launch into this track with fuzzy vocals and grainy overlay that evokes an organic production. As the lyrics go “I see no flaws, no splinters, no cracks”.
On The Other Side is a sensorial and mind-bending album that allows for bright-eyed excitement and excogitative pondering. This is a compilation of aspiration, contemplation, realization and the becoming of actualization. The Stone Foxes have drawn attention to a broader aspect in rock n’ roll, they will continue to expand this music genre with their fresh sounds, creative spins and pure psychedelia.
Kayla Bell

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