Album Review: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – World Record –

December 27th, 2022 – 9:00 AM
An Undiluted Alteration
World Record released on November 18, 2022, is Neil Young’s 42nd album but it also marks his 15th studio album with Crazy Horse. This 11-length album is a love anthem to mother nature. Neil Young and Crazy Horse ensemble a large rockabilly sound and vibe that jumps out from the very first hit. A cautionary tale that links with a unique perspective on the hopes, fears and ultimate possibilities of salvaging the earth.
“Love Earth” is simplistic in its message; “to love and take care of earth with the hopes that earth will do the same in return.” Neil Young and Crazy Horse ingrain a twangy composition that is as clean and organic as the intended essence. “Overhead” is richly canorous with a consistent piano piece that also contains a harmonic dulcet reinforcing the effort that Neil Young is showing as he relishes in the nostalgia and time trip back to his hippie era roots.
“I Walk With You (Earth Ringtone)” leads with a distinct and noticeable guitar distortion that will take the listener by the hand on a quest to try to find the ends of the earth to see what is and may become of the earth. As the listener may ponder the ruin of climate change, Neil Young and Crazy Horse will integrate an unparalleled sense of carnage of wars and the searing savagery that the earth has endured for eons. As the song wraps up these lyrics peg the question “What were we fighting for?”
“This Old Planet (Changing Days)” remains unchanging with a potent bluesy-ness and the ever pleasing country backtones. Neil Young and Crazy Horse expand on the already embedded certainty that climate change has already made its mark but to remember that the earth is still turning and there is still time to make good of mother nature.
Neil Young and Crazy Horse have teamed together to make World Record an album that cautions, serenades and soothes both the listener and mother nature. A feat that is meant with intent, this album is organic, hopeful and holds no disillusionment as to what needs to be done to take care of the earth. Neil Young and Crazy Horse have crafted a gravitational and moving album that makes a digestible guide to salvaging and pouring an ounce of good back into mother nature.
Kayla Bell

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