Album Review: Mick’s Jaguar – Salvation –

December 29th, 2022 – 9:00 AM
Revamped Classic Rock, Brooklyn Style
Although the name sparks images of Mick Jagger sinfully clad in skin-tight leather, Mick’s Jaguar has their own special blend of rock and roll, completely original from anything set forth by “His Majesty.” And while Mick’s Jaguar broke into the music scene as a Rolling Stones cover band, they swiftly threw caution to the wind, rising from the pyrotechnic-induced ashes of their classic rock forefathers like a rock god phoenix ready to shred.  
The hard rock band’s most recent release, Salvation, delivers dynamic guitar riffs and an energy other bands only wish they could siphon for themselves, complete with vibes straight from an AC/DC LP. Mick’s Jaguar calls forth a multifaceted approach to all things rock and roll while still paying homage to their hard rock predecessors, but they do so in an inventive way that’s 100% their brand. 
Songs such as “Man Down” demand attention from start to finish, opting for spoken lyrics over a more traditional approach, and set Mick’s Jaguar apart from corporate, and quite frankly, overdone rock. Whether Mick’s Jaguar is laying down tracks to summon the gods of Detroit Rock City or simply wants to tear up the rosewood with guitar solos as dynamic as they are catchy, there’s no disputing that this band knows how to dominate the hard rock scene. 
Salvation has a palpable energy that garners attention the second Mick’s Jaguar enters the room. Opting to forego a bassist but instead incorporating three killer guitarists, a decision that can only be described as genius, Mick’s Jaguar packs a powerful punch and plenty of entertainment. “Free on the Street” offers punchy riffs with a catchy tune, and songs such as “Molotov Children” are even more reminiscent of their classic rock counterparts, complete with choir effects as the whole band shouts out a collective “Woah oh oh.” Lyrics such as “Burn that city down” pay even more tribute to Detroit Rock City, with a sound that’ll make any fan nostalgic for classic hard rock but equally elated for a chance to rock out to Mick’s Jaguar.
There’s no need to throw up the class rock bat signal because Mick’s Jaguar’s relentless guitar licks are here to answer those calls. A band can rarely recreate a sound as iconic as the style set in motion by AC/DC, but Mick’s Jaguar found a way to fabricate classic hard rock while still retaining their own sound. Are they bound for their own “Brooklyn Rock City” cult-like following? In the words of Mick Jagger, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing,” and Mick’s Jaguar has the tenacity, ingenuity and outright talent to go the distance.
Kelly Catlin

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