Album Review: Devin Townsend – Lightwork –

January 19th, 2023 – 9:00 AM
A mind-blowing, stunning record

Canadian musician Devin Townsend has been filling listener’s ears with his musical talent since 1994 and in November, Townsend released his album Lightwork. The record provides an insight into how he is still capable of creating top notch tunes that have mind blowing instrumentation and vocals, showcasing the passion Townsend has for music.
Opening song  “Moonpeople” is lovely due to the blend of harmony and progressive rock. Right off the bat, the feeling of prog rock streams from the speakers with a delicate harmonic sound. The harmonies and prog rock vibe evokes the feeling of wanting to break free from the negativity that continues to tear us apart. “Moonpeople”  is an honest and sincere piece that is filled with beautiful harmonic and prog rock beats.
“Equinox” is a mystical track that shows that Townsend is not afraid to test the waters with different musical styles. Throughout the entire song, the experimental vibes from the keyboard playing brings an extra kick to the unexplained yearning of wanting to be loved. The way Townsend screams out the lyrics gives an idea of how he isn’t afraid to show how he truly feels. “Equinox” is perhaps the most beautiful track with deep keyboard playing and intense vocals.
“Heartbreaker” is a rather interesting song that not only has wonderful guitar playing, but the whole composition has a soft yet deep rock vibe that can grab people’s attention while they listen. In some ways the guitar playing captures the feeling of what falling in love can feel like and perhaps the best part is hearing Townsend wail out the lyrics with pure honesty.  “Heartbreaker” is a stunner with gorgeous guitar playing and powerful vocals.
“Celestial Signals” is a darker track that consists of hard hitting instrumentation but Townsend’s vocals truly captures what the theme is about. Right at the beginning, Townsend’s voice emerges from the background with great authority. Townsend’s vocal stylings prove how special “Celestial Signals” is to him.
Lightwork is another stunning album by Townsend which displays how he is not afraid to dig deeper within creativity to make music that can bring people together while listening.


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