Album Review: Arch Enemy – Deceivers –

January 19th, 2023 – 8:00 AM
Cinematic, intense and hauntingly intricate

Arch Enemy’s latest album Deceivers is an incredibly fast paced soundtrack full of driving drum beats and Alissa White-Gluz’s now iconic heavy metal scream. The first track of the album “Handshake with Hell” begins with an attention catching guitar intro that is reminiscent of a cinematic entrance of a live show. It definitely grabs the audience’s attention with its catchy melody and thunderous sound. Soon after the initial guitar intro is over, the song kicks it into high gear with a seemingly impossible rhythm and tempo as well as a rage filled scream.
The majority of the songs on the album follows this same pattern. Each electric guitar intro begins with an easy-to-follow melody before again transitioning into the now familiar lightning-fast tempo. The drum beats throughout the album sound vaguely similar to each other as they mostly stick to the same rhythm and tempo. The lyrics in each song are slightly difficult to understand, but the message is made quite clear through the use of the guitar riffs and emphasis of the singer’s voice. The entire album feels as though the audience is being taken on a rollercoaster ride where there are endless loops and the speed does not let up. The music only intensifies with each song.
The only break from the insane tempo and drum beats we get is when we reach the ninth track titled “Mourning Star”, the shortest track on the album. Being only a minute and a half long, it consists solely of a lone guitar playing a heartfelt solo. Though this particular piece is short, it carries much weight for the album, as it seems to be the only track that hints at a feeling of vulnerability.
This album also features short, gothic sounding orchestral pieces that add a haunting edge to the album. These do not, however, do anything to dull the overall energy in this album. It is mainly the intricate guitar solos at the opening of each track that gives each songs its character. Without the differing guitar intros, many of the songs on the album may begin to blur together since they each contain a nearly identical drum beat and rhythmic pattern.
Overall, the album is full of heart racing drum beats and nonstop guitar riffs. The ever-present screaming voice of Alissa White-Gluz gives an otherworldly feeling to their music causing it to sound almost hypnotic overtime. This album is definitely worth listening to over and over again and will never lose its excitement and pulsing energy. It is not in the least bit disappointing and should be added to any heavy metal fan’s playlist for endless electrifying, headbanging music.


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