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Paving the way for all new and upcoming artists within our community, Get The Sound (GTS) is a record label and music publisher that offers a variation of services in a bid to help the industry strive to even further heights through the recognition of the endless talent that presents itself on the daily. Launched in 2019, GTS has been active on both the French, as well as the international scene, with a clear vision of meeting any challenges in a manner that will help shape future generations, whilst at the same time, also directly focus on innovating their principles on a constant level.
Specialising in digital music, GTS primarily focuses on an aesthetic that derives from an Electro Chill origin, and in turn, further offers artists a much-needed platform that can cater for all of their needs, including; production support, their direction as an artist within the dance scene, as well as the distribution, promotion and publishing aspects that play the most crucial of roles when not only scouting for talent, but more significantly, when looking to highlight an individual’s traits that will eventually also allow them stand out from all the rest. Surrounded by a powerful network, GTS has been able to establish itself “as one of the most influential curators of electronic music,” and with the highest of ambitions in allowing artists to truly demonstrate their capabilities in an efficient and effective manner, GTS looks at guaranteeing a prosperous career in the industry, through the use of digital marketing and data analysis.
Having worked with over 100 artists to date, as well as further establishing their label on one of the world’s leading platforms in Spotify, GTS have been able to accumulate no less that 350M streams/year on their catalog in less than 2 years, +500K subscribers on YouTube and +500K subscribers on their Spotify playlist. With these figures rising on the daily, it comes to no surprise that each of their initiatives have been leaving a lasting impact within our scene, and as recently as October of this year, GTS were able to place 6 Artists in the TOP 100 most listened to Artists / Producers on Spotify in France, 1 in the Netherlands and 1 in Denmark. Showing no signs of slowing down, GTS is expanding at the most constant of rates, and in doing so, artists from all around the world are presented with groundbreaking possibilities, that will only enhance their careers as time progresses. With this in mind, be sure to visit the official Get The Sound website here.
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