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Paul McCartney—he’s probably your favorite Beatle and likely one of your favorite artists. After the band split, McCartney embarked on a successful solo career, releasing numerous albums that are available on your favorite streaming services. However, you can really soak up the nostalgia by listening to your favorite tunes with Paul McCartney vinyl records. We gathered several of his albums (not all of them), but some favorites you ought to revisit.
Box sets will be your new favorite way to buy vinyl. When your favorite artists have huge discographies, you’ll become spoiled with special vinyl sets filled with unique gifts. This set includes 3 limited edition photo prints and an introduction from Paul. The slipcase box is just perfect.
Get Paul & Linda McCartney’s RAM on vinyl for only $22.99. Enjoy some of your all-time favorites, such as “The Back Seat of My Car” and “Eat at Home.”
Revisit Paul McCartney and Wings with Band on the Run. The album includes “Jet” and “Band on the Run.” Many McCartney fans call this their favorite record. Get it for $27.98.
The ambiance of a live album playing throughout your home is relaxing and exciting. Get Wings Over America on vinyl and you’ll feel like you’re at a Paul McCartney concert every time you play it. If “Live and Let Die” is one of your favorite songs, you’ll enjoy this record.
McCartney fans enjoy this half-speed mastered record. Listen to “Beautiful Night” (with Ringo Starr) and many more of your Flaming Pie favorites. The solo album also features Linda McCartney, Steve Miller, Jeff Lynne, and more. Open the lyric book and sit back and relax.
Listen to “Ebony and Ivory” and bonus tracks from Tug of War. The album features an appearance by Ringo Starr as well. It’ll make a great gift for anyone missing the ’80s. Get it for $37.99.
This limited edition vinyl is newly remastered and comes with a bonus disc of unreleased demos and B-sides. It even has downloadable audio tracks included, along with a remix of “Say Say Say.” It’s definitely worth the price of $66.99. Get it before it’s too late.
New is a great vinyl pick for both new and longtime fans of Paul McCartney. Marc Ronson, one of the most iconic producers of all time (known for producing Back to Black (Amy Winehouse’s last album), contributed to the album. Get it for $22.99 and enjoy some newer sounds from Paul McCartney.
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