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Most music lovers in 2022 choose to listen to their favorite songs with a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. However, there’s something to be said for listening to your favorite albums on vinyl. In an era obsessed with nostalgia, it’s safe to say vinyl records aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Spotify playlists are great, but there’s something special about browsing bins full of records and discovering new music through conversations with staff at the store. For music enthusiasts who love listening to records, Delaware has a great selection of record stores across the state.
These shops around Delaware are keeping tradition alive by providing everything from the classics to modern pop and new metal.
Delaware Record Stores
A quaint little shop nestled at the end of Newark’s main street, this record store has been a community staple since 1972. Delaware’s oldest record shop is packed full of titles, organized alphabetically without genre separation. With over 12,500 titles in the shop, along with a full-service recording studio and smoke shop, the space appears a little chaotic upon first look.
“That’s the thing about record stores. The good ones are always a little chaotic,” says Demitri, who owns the shop. A friendly and knowledgeable man, Demitri has peppered many of his passions throughout the shop. The décor is comprised of pieces by local artists as well as repurposed vinyl records that Demitri has crafted into hanging decorations. Even the floor tiles are embellished with records.
At Wonderland Records in Newark, owner Demitri leaves damaged records in the window, allowing the sun to warp them. He uses the warped records to create hanging décor, which he both uses in the store and sells.
“I don’t want it to end up in a landfill where it’ll stay for thousands of years,” Demitri explains, gesturing to the warped records hanging from the ceiling. “I sell about two of those a week.”
110 West Main Street | 738-6856
Newark’s newcomer focuses on music from around the globe. Its goal is to be an inclusive space for sharing music and discovering new artists. With a buy-sell-trade business model, its inventory is always changing, and you’ll likely find something new every time you walk in.
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International Groove Records
280 East Main Street, Newark | 688-4500
Another Newark favorite is run by Melissa Forsythe, an active member of the Delaware music scene. The store is well-organized and fully stocked with plenty of contemporary music. The business also has a focus on highlighting the local music scene and community. The selection of music here is diverse and spans a wide range of genres and decades. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find some favorite titles on these shelves.
Rainbow Records
Rainbow Records
218 East Main Street, Newark | 368-7738
Goodboy Vinyl buys, sells and trades not only vinyl records, but also CDs, cassettes and more. With a wide variety of music, a charming shop concept and a constantly rotating inventory, this is one of the many must-stop record shops in the First State.
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Goodboy Vinyl
2604 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington | 384-6460
SqueezeBox was founded in 2017 and has quickly become a community favorite in Wilmington. Along with records and CDs, SqueezeBox has a great selection of tour apparel and exclusive merch. This shop has even partnered with Wilmington Brew Works to collaborate on a beer, appropriately named “Deep Grooves.” The store is known for always having the freshest records in stock, and it’s extremely active on social media updating followers on the latest inventory.
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SqueezeBox Records
1901 West 11th Street, Wilmington | 510-9429
Extended Play serves Rehoboth Beach and Delaware’s other coastal towns. Coastal Delaware’s record store carries a selection of new and used records, cassettes, CDs and more. It updates its social media accounts with all the new releases in stock on Fridays. This record store is a great stop while you’re out and about in Rehoboth.
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Extended Play
149 Rehoboth Avenue, 8B, Rehoboth | 226-8469
While this cute vintage shop isn’t exclusively a record store, it does carry an impressive vinyl collection. The selection focuses on new vinyl by independent labels and vintage vinyl records, cassettes and compact discs.
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The Vintage Underground
205 Second Street, Lewes | 291-2984
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