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These are the ten best record stores in the world that every music lover should visit at least once.
There is something so magical about taking a new record out of its case, placing it on a record player, dropping the needle, and hearing the melodic sounds escape. Sure, records are available online, but there is something truly special about stepping into a record store and discovering new music in person.
Some music lovers travel far and wide for concerts, including the most iconic UK music festivals and Australia’s most famous music festivals. Some people even travel to Liverpool to see Beatles-themed attractions. Another exciting vacation idea for music enthusiasts is a record store road trip across America, traveling from Nashville to Memphis or Seattle to Portland.
There are spectacular record stores worth visiting all over the world, however. Below are ten record stores every music lover should visit at least once.
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There are plenty of essential Australian experiences to have when visiting Australia, including feeding dolphins in Monkey Mia and learning to surf in Byron Bay. Music lovers who find themselves in Melbourne must visit Wax Museum Records. This record shop features a wide variety of music, including rap/hip-hop, electronic, dub/reggae, rock/pop, jazz, and funk/soul. Wax Museum Records also sells several books and magazines- a perfect souvenir.
This record store also prides itself in promoting and nurturing local creative talent, so be sure to check out the unique selection of locally produced music.
Paris is filled with underrated places to visit, including the local record shops. In Superfly Records, colorful record sleeves line the walls while catchy tunes flow through the store’s speakers. The store is well stocked with soul, funk, disco, jazz, and Latin albums.
To get a feel for Superfly Records before visiting, check out the store’s blog, which features “dig of the week” posts, music videos, and various blog posts.
Reckless Records has been a Chicago staple since 1989. There are currently three locations throughout the Chicago area, specifically Lakeview, The Loop, and Wicker Park. The Wicker Park location is surrounded by some of Chicago’s finest shops, restaurants, and vintage stores, making it the perfect spot to spend an afternoon.
With posters lining the walls, light reflecting in from the large store windows, and endless rows of vinyl, CDs, and DVDs lining the store, this record shop provides a unique and enjoyable atmosphere.
South Africa’s Cape Town is known for its spectacular natural attractions, such as Table Mountain National Park and Signal Hill. One of Cape Town’s stellar indoor attractions, however, is Mabu Vinyl. From bright orange walls to rainbow-colored records to posters plastered on every wall, Mabu Vinyl exudes a fun and playful vibe. This shop specializes in vintage and pre-owned vinyl, making it a great spot to hunt for rare and vintage records.
Rough Trade West in London, England, is perfect for all music lovers. This shop sells a mix of mainstream and experimental vinyl and CDs. The shop also possesses a large collection of signed books, musician memoirs, art books, and magazines. Rough Trade West has endless music genres to choose from when looking for new music, including alternative, metal, psychedelic, new wave, house, blues, and Krautrock.
Travelers looking for unique souvenirs will appreciate Rough Trade’s vast collection of shop merch, including Rough Trade sweatshirts, stickers, keychains, guitar picks, and beanies.
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Tower Records is the largest record store in Tokyo, stretching across seven floors! The first floor primarily features K-pop albums and record players. Vacationers looking to explore a new genre should check out Tower Records’ collection of Japanese hip-hop CDs and records, as well as Japanese contemporary music. Tower Records also contains a large collection of anime soundtracks on vinyl.
After purchasing a vinyl at Tower Records, continue shopping for the other amazing things worth buying in Tokyo, including Omamori charms and Japanese beauty products.
The iconic Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas, is the best spot to search for alt/indie, rock/pop, country/folk, R&B/soul, and rap/hip-hop records. The store is always well stocked with both mainstream and lesser-known albums. Waterloo Records’ website features the option to preorder upcoming releases, a helpful option for vinyl collectors.
What makes this record shop so unique is its in-person events. Waterloo Records hosts plenty of record signings and in-store performances by talented musicians.
Amoeba Music is an indie music lover’s paradise. While Amoeba sells a wide variety of music, from bluegrass to gospel to kids’ music, their selection of indie and alternative records is unmatched.
Amoeba Music should be added to every music lover’s bucket list due to the shop’s frequent free concerts. A full schedule of upcoming shows can be found on Amoeba Music’s website. Vacationers looking for a keepsake to remember their trip will enjoy the record shop’s merch collection, featuring t-shirts, posters, keychains, stickers, and iron-on patches.
When embarking on unique things to do in Buenos Aires, travelers should set aside time to stop by Eureka Records. This unique record shop offers up an ambiance that is unmatched by other stores. The interior of the shop features soothing warm lighting, hundreds of colorful records dangling from the ceiling, album art pasted along the tiled floors, and a mind-blowing selection of records lining the walls. Eureka Records is a great spot to search for unique records and explore new genres of music.
A truly legendary record store is 12 Tónar in Reykjavík, Iceland. Tónar has been around since 1998 and is a major part of Iceland’s music scene. This unique record store doubles as an indie music label. Guests can shop for records, catch a live show, and even grab a cup of coffee at this all-in-one store. Guests looking for a souvenir are in luck; 12 Tónar sells t-shirts, postcards, and tote bags.
Steffi Haenicke is a freelance writer. No stranger to list content, Haenicke wrote several list articles while working at Clique Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle digital magazine. Haenicke is also quite the traveler. She makes a biennial trek to Germany to visit relatives and explore the country.


8 Paul McCartney Vinyl Records & Box Set Gifts {2023} – American Songwriter

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Paul McCartney—he’s probably your favorite Beatle and likely one of your favorite artists. After the band split, McCartney embarked on a successful solo career, releasing numerous albums that are available on your favorite streaming services. However, you can really soak up the nostalgia by listening to your favorite tunes with Paul McCartney vinyl records. We gathered several of his albums (not all of them), but some favorites you ought to revisit.
Box sets will be your new favorite way to buy vinyl. When your favorite artists have huge discographies, you’ll become spoiled with special vinyl sets filled with unique gifts. This set includes 3 limited edition photo prints and an introduction from Paul. The slipcase box is just perfect.
Get Paul & Linda McCartney’s RAM on vinyl for only $22.99. Enjoy some of your all-time favorites, such as “The Back Seat of My Car” and “Eat at Home.”
Revisit Paul McCartney and Wings with Band on the Run. The album includes “Jet” and “Band on the Run.” Many McCartney fans call this their favorite record. Get it for $27.98.
The ambiance of a live album playing throughout your home is relaxing and exciting. Get Wings Over America on vinyl and you’ll feel like you’re at a Paul McCartney concert every time you play it. If “Live and Let Die” is one of your favorite songs, you’ll enjoy this record.
McCartney fans enjoy this half-speed mastered record. Listen to “Beautiful Night” (with Ringo Starr) and many more of your Flaming Pie favorites. The solo album also features Linda McCartney, Steve Miller, Jeff Lynne, and more. Open the lyric book and sit back and relax.
Listen to “Ebony and Ivory” and bonus tracks from Tug of War. The album features an appearance by Ringo Starr as well. It’ll make a great gift for anyone missing the ’80s. Get it for $37.99.
This limited edition vinyl is newly remastered and comes with a bonus disc of unreleased demos and B-sides. It even has downloadable audio tracks included, along with a remix of “Say Say Say.” It’s definitely worth the price of $66.99. Get it before it’s too late.
New is a great vinyl pick for both new and longtime fans of Paul McCartney. Marc Ronson, one of the most iconic producers of all time (known for producing Back to Black (Amy Winehouse’s last album), contributed to the album. Get it for $22.99 and enjoy some newer sounds from Paul McCartney.
Photo Courtesy Amazon
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Atlanta record spinner DJ Applejac designs music collages from a … – WABE 90.1 FM

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City Lights Staff | WABE
January 30th, 2023
On City Lights’ series “Speaking of Music,” local musicians share work and stories in their own voices. This edition spotlights our series’ first DJ, an Atlanta-based music curator and record spinner who goes by the moniker DJ Applejac. “As a DJ, I try to play from all over the spectrum and just try to really engage people, as well as put people up on things that they may not know about,” said Applejac. 
Though he’s focused on sharing the wide world of recorded music with listeners, Applejac is no stranger to performance, growing up in a musical family and playing drums since he was four years old. “I play by ear, so anything I sit in front of long enough I think I can figure it out,” he said. Applejac draws his inspiration from across the artistic spectrum, giving his attention not just to musical artists but to other accomplished DJs, to poets, to photographers and anywhere else he sees exciting work being done. 
DJ Applejac’s original tracks are collages of musical pastiche, drawing samples and organic performances together to form a rhythmic journey of interlocking riffs, beats and basslines. Featured track “Richard Penniman” is a collaboration between Applejac and vocalist Maleke O’Ney, from their full album together called “Not Really… But Kinda.” The track was created as a tribute to the late pop icon Little Richard and showcases O’Ney’s vocals artfully stacked in harmony, pushing the groove forward with chant-like syncopation. 
Applejac spins wax monthly at Rock Steady Atlanta for the residency show “Praise Dancin’ Live,” emphasizing gospel house music and other energetic, inspirational dance music. He’s also remixing Pharaoh Sanders’ “Love is Everywhere” for an upcoming tribute record and has three new hip-hop singles in the pipeline and coming out soon. More on DJ Applejac can be found at djapplejac.com.
Jan 27, 2023
Jan 24, 2023
Jan 11, 2023
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Questlove Says Lil Yachty’s ‘Let’s Start Here’ Album Has Him ‘Hyped About Music’s Future’ – Complex

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Lil Yachty’s excellent new album Let’s Start Here, which arrived last week and has hopefully been on constant replay for anyone reading this, has inspired some understandably impassioned words from Grammy-winning musician and Oscar-winning filmmaker Questlove.
Indeed, in a recent Instagram update, Questlove reflected on how much he “really really really” loves Yachty’s latest, notably declaring that it “might be the most surprising transition of any music career I’ve witnessed in a min, especially under the umbrella of hip-hop.”
To further detail the impressiveness of this 14-track piece of art, Questlove cited a number of past examples of what he called “departure albums,” including everything from The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to Marvin Gaye’s Here, My Dear to Radiohead’s Kid A.
“But man….whatever you put in your Wheaties bro….keep goin,” Questlove said of Yachty’s album. “Shit like this (envelope pushing) got me hyped about music’s future.”
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Mike Dean, Saul Williams, Flea, Rapsody,  A-Trak, John Stamos, Nate Smith, and more later hopped into the comments to agree with Questlove’s assessment. Yachty himself, meanwhile, also responded.
“[T]hank u for the kind words sir,” he said.
Listen to Let’s Start Here for yourself at this link. Upon its release, Complex named album cut “drive ME Crazy!” (featuring Diana Gordon) among the best new music of the week, a roundup that also featured new releases from Chlöe and SleazyWorld Go.
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Vinyl album sales keep rising, as CT customers seek warm authentic … – New Hampshire Public Radio

Vinyl records nearly disappeared in the 1980s and ’90s when the analogue format was largely replaced by the arrival of the compact disc. But that’s all changed.
According to Billboard, vinyl sales have been rising for 17 straight years. Last year, vinyl album sales outpaced CD album sales in the United States for the second year in a row.
I wanted to learn more about vinyl sales here in Connecticut. So I visited one of the state’s many vinyl record stores. This one’s in Branford. It’s called Exile on Main Street.
Inside a smallish, no-frills record store packed with stacks of vinyl albums, co-owner Paula Kretkiewicz tells me the store has been in Branford for 30 years.
Kretkiewicz attributes the spike in vinyl sales at her store to a desire for something physical in a world that is increasingly more digital.
“They want to play a record. They don’t want to just stream it,” Kretkiewicz said. “It’s different. It’s definitely more authentic-sounding. CDs sound great, but when you put a record on there’s something about, it is a little warmer. It’s a little more authentic.”
Kretkiewicz demonstrates that authentic sound. She pulls out a Steely Dan album from among the thousands of alphabetized records set up in bins throughout the store and puts it on the turntable. The needle drops, the music builds, and throughout it all is the characteristic — and comforting — crackle of the turntable.
Exile on Main Street still sells CDs, and it even has a few cassettes. But overall, Kretkiewicz said, about 60% of sales are vinyl and 40% of sales are CDs.
So who’s buying vinyl records these days?
“Everybody,” Kretkiewicz said. “Parents and their kids come in together. I have older customers. I have teenagers. Everybody.”
Exile on Main Street sells everything from classical to rap to metal. But Kretkiewicz said classic rock is really what the store thrives on.
Most genres of music — new and old — are being released or re-released on vinyl. But it’s not just the classic rock giants like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd who are popular on vinyl. Younger buyers are driving vinyl sales and pushing pop artists to the top, too.
“Taylor Swift is actually very popular,” Kretkiewicz said. “They have to have that.”
And have it they did. According to Billboard, Taylor Swift‘s Midnights was the top-selling vinyl LP in 2022, with 945,000 copies sold.
As for record sales at Exile on Main Street last year?
“This was a really good year, and I’m hoping it continues,” Kretkiewicz said.
Meanwhile, 2023 is looking pretty promising. Despite all the technological advances, for some, the nostalgia, the cover art and the listening experience have given vinyl new life.
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